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Sidetracked by Throat Gurgles, Unlikely Friendships and Trash Can Valentines :: special guest Rachel Green  [Ep 454]

Today’s show starts with a small hiccup and then really gets going with our guest and listener Rachel Green (but not that one ;)).  We discussed what we had for breakfast and it was everything from a frittata, to coconut milk yogurt with all the toppings, to a Diet Dr. Pepper with saltines. Can you guess who ate what?  Rachel admits to being sidetracked by ruminating over her busy calendar, and how Cynthia’s book is helping her, “get...

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How to Identify & Fully Occupy Your God-Given Space

“I hope that as you read Heather’s words, you’ll gain a deeper confidence and understanding of what it means for you to live in God’s perfect will. I think you will find that no matter your situation, He has you right where you belong.”
Candace Cameron Bure

actress, producer, and New York Times bestselling author

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