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“Help, I’m Tired of Fighting with My Daughter about Clothes” :: Kari Kampakis [Ep 429]

Admit it, you’ve seen a girl somewhere and thought, “I can’t believe her mother let her out of the house wearing that.” But if you’ve parented a teenage girl, you know it’s just not that simple.  How can we connect with our daughters and let them know we’re on their side even if we are not on board with certain trends or styles? My guest this week is author, speaker, and mother of four girls, Kari Kampakis. She has walked the road of...

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How to Identify & Fully Occupy Your God-Given Space

“I hope that as you read Heather’s words, you’ll gain a deeper confidence and understanding of what it means for you to live in God’s perfect will. I think you will find that no matter your situation, He has you right where you belong.”
Candace Cameron Bure

actress, producer, and New York Times bestselling author

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