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Been itching to share this info with y’all.

A few weeks ago I attended a seminar put on by our school. Originally I thought I would blog about it, then realized podcasting may be the the better option. Because there is just so. much. goodness.

This post could have any of the following titles…

“For the mom tired of being bossed around” or “For the mom whose child’s feelings get hurt frequently” or “For the mom whose kids leave messes everywhere” or “For the mom who criticizes more than praises” or “For the quiet mom with the loud kids” and a 1,000 others.

(Obviously, I settled for the most generic of all the titles, hoping to encompass every one…)

The goal of this podcast it to help moms figure out how they are wired and how their children are wired so they can function together in the best way possible.

Are you familiar with “temperaments”?

Honestly, I almost didn’t go to the seminar because (in my know-it-all way) I figured I wouldn’t learn anything new. wrong!

First of all, it was great to be reminded of the four temperament types. Secondly, my favorite part was when the speaker (Carol Chester, Director of our Lower School) gave tips on how to parent each temperament type.

Sometimes when I’m butting heads with one of my boys, I just want to change him/fix him/stop him.

But her information helped improve our interactions and gave me new eyes for each member of my family. 

Like Marita Littauer writes in her book, “Wired that Way”:

“As you think about those people whom you have tried to change, I want you to consider Romans 12:18, ‘If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, be at peace with everyone.’…as this verse suggests we can change ourselves-we can grow and improve. We can also change our approach to others so, as far as it depends on us, be at peace with everyone.”

Below is a chart of the four types. As you glance over it, think about yourself, your child(ren) and your spouse…which types are represented in your family. (I know we’ve got a cornucopia of personalities in our home).

To print a copy click here–> Temperament chart 

Once you’ve printed off a copy of the chart, listen to the podcast for some additional thoughts & tips. At the end of the podcast I go through each parent’s temperament type and how that type interacts with all the others (i.e., ideas for a choleric mom and a melancholy child).

Bonus: Here’s a little extra info I found (but didn’t record in the podcast). It’s a list of the temperaments paired up by function:

  • The Leaders: Sanguines & Cholerics
  • The Workers: Cholerics & Melancholies
  • The Players: Sanguines & Phlegmatics
  • The Analyzers: Phlegmatics & Melancholies

It intrigues me how my boys pair up in different situations. For instance, tonight we were trying to start a fire in the fire place. Two of the boys were right up in our business, “helping” us out. The other two were running around the house gathering all their favorite belongings in case the house caught fire. For real…

Show Notes:

 Descriptions of the 15 Temperament Blends

Books on the topic (*Amazon Affiliate Links)–

Wired that Way: The Comprehensive Personality Plan

” by Marita Littauer

Personality Plus: How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself

” by Florence Littauer

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How many different temperaments are represented in your family? What tip from the podcast improved your relationships?