Birds & Bees? Oh, help me please :: Mary Flo Ridley {GCM Ep 25}

May 19, 2014

Did you figure out today’s podcast topic from the title?

If not, let me spell it out for you. . . S. E. X. (typing that word is so much easier then saying it, whew).

Today’s guest, Mary Flo Ridley, shares how to help our kids develop healthy attitudes and behaviors about sex.


Honestly, after hearing her speak one time, at a MOPS meeting, I felt better equipped to teach my boys about “the birds & the bees.”

Mary Flo is not a medical doctor and does not claim to be an expert. But she has been teaching on this topic for 30 years, has three grown children and is a fellow mom. I don’t know about you but usually I’d rather learn from another mom, any day.

Through a simple step-by-step program, Mary Flo helps answer the questions:

  • What should we call “private parts”?
  • If I teach them the names, how do I keep them from repeating them in public or teaching their friends?
  • How do I become the one my kids go to with questions about sex?
  • How early should I talk to my kids?
  • What exactly should I say?

Her answers will most likely surprise you. But once you hear the rationale you can’t deny how right she is.

“These conversations should be simple, straight-forward, and to the subjects that children are curious about–their own bodies, how babies are born, and how babies are made. They have a natural curiosity about these things, and I want to capture those moments instead of running from them.” -Mary Flo Ridley

Here’s a little video clip with another thought when considering “how soon should I talk to my child about sex”:

(if reading via email, click here to watch the video)

I hope our podcast helps equip you and removes dread regarded a singular “talk”. May an open dialogue begin between you and your kiddos that will last through adolescence. 

To learn more, definitely check out Mary Flo’s books in the links below.

Connect with Mary Flo:

Blog :: Instagram :: Facebook

Show Notes:

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(hee hee. . .that rhymed)


  1. Victoria

    I’m years away from this conversation with my 4 month old, but not that many years (as Mary Flo reminds us!) Thank you so much for interviewing her, Heather. Totally going to remember this. I love that line, “That’s a great question. I’m so glad you asked me.” How powerful and profound for a kid to know their parents can be trusted with anything. I remember ‘the talk’ with my mom (aka the most painfully awkward day of my young life) and one thing I appreciate is that she was always available to answer any question I had. We are a conservative family, but we were very open in talking about sex and that helped me SO MUCH growing up.

    • Heather MacFadyen

      Isn’t her information great? I heard her when my boys were really little. But because her ideas are simple and delivered well, they stuck with me. I felt totally equipped to chat about the topic in all situations with my boys. thanks for listening victoria!

  2. Shonda

    I loved this podcast, Heather! Mary Flo has such an engaging personality. I enjoyed listening to both of you discuss this very important topic. My children are 5 (boy) and 3 (girl). I haven’t really taught anything except identified body parts and that boys and girls are different. My son doesn’t ask any questions at all, but I do want to try saying, “Have you ever wondered…?” I am very interested in Mary Flo’s ministry. Thank you so much for posting this and doing these great podcasts.

    • Heather MacFadyen

      thanks shonda! Isn’t mary flo wonderful? She says things in such a simple, straight-forward way. love her. Glad to be able to share her (and her invaluable approach) with you. blessings!

  3. Sarah

    I so enjoyed this podcast! I have not given this any thought yet, but I realized after listening it’s time to start!

    • Heather MacFadyen

      I’m so glad you liked it Sarah! Mary Flo is the best. Truly guided my approach to this topic. Very very thankful!

    • Heather MacFadyen

      so thankful it was helpful for you! Mary Flo has great resources. Definitely check them out!


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