What do the words: France. Food. Family. Fellowship all have in common?

Kristin Schell.

Today’s podcast guest shares a great story of how a potential failure led to her current ministry. Throughout the episode we weave those four words together, presenting a few ideas for facilitating hospitality and building community.

After seeing Kristin’s Turquoise Table one day on Instagram I saw this sign in front of my neighbor’s house.

Right across from our house.

On this episode I share more amazing details about my story with the Turquoise Table and getting to know our neighbor Jeff (and his dog Bella). How he sold us a table, carted it across the street and even loaned us his paint gun. And shared a little of what’s been going on in his life.

Thankful for Kristin and all she is doing to bring people around the table.

What we chat about:

  • Dallas life in 1980s
  • How Kristin’s almost flunking French directed her current ministry
  • The family-centric European dining culture
  • How to create a slower pace and gather more around the table in the States
  • The joy of meeting with your family for Sunday Supper (lots of menus & tips in link below).
  • Temptation to confuse entertainment with hospitality
  • How to use your gift of hospitality when your husband is an introvert & you have 4 young children
  • Birth of the Turquoise Table
  • Frontyard Fridays
  • Heather’s own “Turquoise Table” story
  • How a table in the front yard gives those around you a window to the Cross

Connect with Kristin:

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Show Notes:

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Do you have a favorite memory of gathering around the table with family?

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