Raise your hand if you want to be a great mom.

I know I do. Sadly that goal is rarely ever reached by pure determination. Usually by 9 am, the whining or constant needs or sibling rivalry, sabotage all my efforts.

But what if I didn’t have to try to be a “great mom” in my own strength? What if there was a way to have eyes to see the most important things, patience to handle one more question and love to cover another mess? 

You’re probably not going to be shocked by the solution–a combination of God’s Word & praying to be led by His Sprit.  But maybe you struggle to make the solution a reality.

Yesterday our pastor taught from Psalm 119, saying “A God-oriented life is a Word-oriented life.” If we claim to be followers of Christ, believers of God, and yet don’t spend time in His Word, we will not have the firm foundation to stand on when the storms come.

Today’s podcast guest, Kat Lee (InspiredtoAction.com) not only reminds us how special moms are, but the game changer of going from frazzled to faithful. 

Being the practical gal she is, Kat also shares an opportunity you have to be a part of an accountability community, HelloMornings (registration starts today! September 29th).

Sometimes we need people to come around us and spur us on to do things we struggle to do on our own. 

Personally? This is the verse I’m memorizing:

Turn my eyes away from worthless things;
    preserve my life according to your word. Ps 119:37

What we chat about:

  • How Kat makes it through the week when her husband travels
  • The negative cycle of staying up late, being a mean mommy, staying up late again.
  • Kat’s experience growing up never having known her mom.
  • Her curiosity about the mother-daughter relationship and trying to figure out what it means to be a woman/mother.
  • Her longing to be loved and led by a mom. . . God’s whisper, “just wait”.
  • How God redeemed Mother’s Day for Kat.
  • She didn’t even know her mom & her mom had an incredible impact on her life.
  • The call she received which led her back to her mom’s family/nation of origin.
  • A Filipino family reunion with her name on a banner–a reminder she was known.
  • The disaster of comparing your worst mommy moment to another mom’s best moment.
  • Kat’s no-good-very-bad-day, leading to a revelation in the garage, in her hot mini-van, and what God asked her to do.
  • The habit she began of getting up earlier than her kids, reading God’s Word & praying for her kids.
  • Establishing the new habit, importance of a place and having accountability.
  • How people can join an accountability group via Twitter, Facebook, Voxer, or Instagram. –40 countries represented. 4,000 women.
  • If the groups fill up or you don’t want to be in a group, you can sign up to receive the emails and forms. —God, Plan, Move.–and worship song, “How Great You Are” by Antioch Live.
  • In addition, HelloMornings is offering a Bible Study Course, how to study the Bible for yourself–with Katie Orr (FOCUSed 15) with book of Matthew (Six 10-minute videos).
  • HelloMornings groups last six weeks–a little longer than it takes to establish a habit.
  • God is the game changer for our motherhood.

God wants us to wrap our arms our His neck, not just stick our hands into His pockets.- Louie Giglio

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Show Notes:

When do you make time to be filled by God’s Word and His Spirit?

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