So how’d your Christmas go?

We had a wonderful morning just the 6 of us at home for the first time. Joy.

The day after Christmas we left town to be with my family in North Carolina. Can I just say. . .that’s beautiful country. My brother’s home is up in the mountains and every morning I woke up with the same shock & awe.

With days and days of no school/work commitments, we’ve made the time to watch a few movies. So has my friend, Amanda White. . .

Amanda & I decided to record a New Year’s episode to help your family pick which of these PG movie(s) you could see this weekend.

(Because one of these films is definitely NOT for young children). 

Happy New Year & Happy Listening!

What we talk about:

  • Our favorite Christmas movies (see show notes)
  • Amanda’s shocked response to “Into the Woods” and her important WARNING to parents.
  • What happens 3/4rds of the way through the movie.
  • How she loved the songs, the creativity, the costumes. . .but the ending ruined it for her.
  • AND her fear parents will think it’s a movie for little kids.
  • Amanda’s thoughts on how Hollywood keeps re-making classics.
  • What scary/naughty parts are missing from the new Annie movie.
  • Warning to parents of adoptive/foster parents.
  • Why Annie got bad reviews from movie critics & what made this version better than the older version
  • Heather’s favorite song sequence–about people changing
  • Warning–Miss Hannigan scenes may be a little frightening.
  • A little cheesy but leaves you with a happy feeling.
  • If you’re a fan of the Night Museum movies, then you’ll like the 3rd one.
  • Weird/silly scene between the security guard and caveman.
  • Conversation of whether Ben Stiller should let his son choose to skip going to college to be a DJ in Spain.
  • The one thing Heather liked (being a boy mom) in the movie–a boy becoming a man–her favorite character, Sir Lancelot.
  • The tangent we go on about children living at home with their parents & prolonged adolescence.
  • God’s will is not for your dream to come to . . . it’s to follow God’s plan, not your comfort.
  • Amanda’s trip to the mall and her thoughts from the American Girl Store.
  • Two characters who passed away before Night at the Museum released. . .poignancy of Robin William’s last line.
  • Forgot to mention in the podcast my boys were scared near the end of the movie of when the Egyptian prince’s skin starts changing/decaying. . .a little creepy.

Show Notes:

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Which movies have you seen? Any thoughts/reviews to add below?

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