Sippy cup refill requests. Another load of laundry to fold. A sibling dispute.

Ever feel like you are reacting to life?

Life is coming at you and you respond.

There have been many times in my mothering where instead of joy & hope I feel beat down and unfulfilled.

One woman who has whispered beauty and calm into those dark places, is today’s podcast guest, Sally Clarkson.

She told me motherhood can be more than just doing the dishes. It is the most important job, guiding souls through discipleship and love. She taught me that my hard-to-handle boy may need me to sympathize more than instruct. She agreed boys may be a little wild. . .but showed me they can be civil & sip tea.

When I was coming out of a time of “not feeling like myself” Sally showed me how to own my life. To drop the negative thoughts which held me back. To consider what I wanted my days to look like and then make them happen.

And now Sally’s written her encouragement into a new book called, “Own Your Life”. . . releasing today!

In this podcast episode, I ask Sally all-the-things I’ve been pondering, from how to help your children really “know” God to simple advice on transforming a hard mom day.

I’m just giddy to share this with you. . .enjoy!!

**OH! And if you want to learn even more from Sally, there is a FREE webcast tonight, January 6th, 9 EST/8 CST/6 PST. Sign up HERE **

What we talk about:

  • Why I struggle to read Sally’s books at the end of hard days.
  • Every mom has her own mom personality.
  • In spite of our mom errors, children can learn our hearts
  • How do we help our children “Yadah” God…to know Him personally
  • Living a life of color & taste & joy so our children see & know the goodness of the Lord.
  • How we are motivated…not by guilt or checklists but by love & encouragement.
  • Balancing grace & truth in parenting–practicing patience & love takes time.
  • Definition of the phrase “own your life”-
  • Sally’s example of a friend who “owns her life” in a special way why she serves her son with a disability.
  • In an immediate gratification society, not forgetting the long term process of your life. growing day by day, little by little.
  • Making sure you make time for yourself, to fill up before you pour out to the little people in your life.
  • Common barriers to owning your life.
  • Sally’s advice to a mom who was depressed<–LOVED THIS
  • Importance of believing the right philosophy–God is for you.
  • How to start 2015–reflecting back & moving forward well

Connect with Sally:

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Book Trailer:

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Show Notes:


What’s one way you plan to own your life in 2015?


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  1. Shonda

    I just got this book in the mail yesterday!! I’m so excited to read and can’t wait to listen to your show today. Lately I’ve felt very much like you described at the beginning of this post. Yesterday my two kids just pushed me to the limits. I had a heart to heart with God and cried the entire time. Blessings to you!!

    • Heather MacFadyen

      oh shonda, I totally understand the rough days followed by the heart-to-hearts with God. Praying right now that Sally’s words ministered to you and helped you walk forward in grace and truth.

  2. Angie Anzalone

    Oh Heather! I just LOVED this podcast! You and Sally were so easy to listen to. I so needed to hear all of this! I so feel the guilt of the times I fail at being “a good mom”, though my kids tell me what a great mom I am!! Uughh!! I am going to let this go this year and listen to Sally’s advice on how Jesus wants us to move forward!! My kids see my heart and Jesus sees it too. I have to RECEIVE his grace and know he loves me for me. He certainly tells me through my kids smiles, kisses and hugs! Us moms are too hard on ourselves!!! Loved the part on depression too! It brought me to tears. So much goodness in this podcast! Going to get her book now!! Thank you always for your ministry! I am so blessed to have found your blog! I look forward to your podcasts every week!! Thank you too for your sweet response to my first time comment about a month ago! You are awesome!!
    Happy New Year!
    Angie Anzalone

    • Heather MacFadyen

      Angie! wowzers! just now seeing your comment and how humbling to know a conversation over Skype could minister to you so much and help you walk in freedom. Truly when you and I believe the lie that we are “bad moms” we are trapped in a prison of our own making. A prison of shame which steals our joy and suppresses our creativity. thankful for you and your honesty here. thank you for taking time to listen and even encourage me. have a blessed week!

  3. Suzi

    Thanks for this! Your voice reminds me of Sarah Mae at times! I received my book today!

    • Heather MacFadyen

      ha! that’s hilarious. yes, I think if Sarah Mae, Sally and I were in a room we could stay there for weeks and still have more to talk about. kindreds for sure. So glad you got a copy of the book. Praying Sally’s stories and practical ideas help moms move forward in being all God desires them to be. blessings.

  4. Alicia

    Another wonderful podcast. I feel so blessed that God put your blog in my life. Since October I have felt God pulling on my heart strings about the way I’ve been living my life. Too distracted, feeling too much guilt, and spreading myself too thin but since finding this blog, listening to your podcasts, doing Truth in the Tinsel, reading In This House We Will Giggle, getting more involved in my own church, and writing my own blog for my friends to follow my story I have felt so much peace and joy. I know that you have played a big role in my new outlook to motherhood and with my developing relationship with Jesus Christ. I truly enjoy your ministry and I will be following along. God Bless you and your family.

    • Heather MacFadyen

      oh my heavens alicia! what a wonderful encouraging comment to find. I couldn’t ask for anything more than to do what God’s called me to do and have it spur other women to seek Him wholeheartedly. Disciplining via a podcast is not ideal, but God’s Spirit has no limits. thank you so much for sharing with me. humbled.

  5. Erin

    Beautiful! So encouraging! Thank you for introducing Sally and her ministry in this podcast. I have heard about her, but you did a very good job guiding the conversation so that we can hear the person that you know and has changed your life. I feel like I can listen to this one on repeat. The action step I am doing right now is drinking some tea and not feeling guilty!

    • Heather MacFadyen

      yay!!! tea without guilt is the. very. best. I did want people to know Sally’s heart. Some feel shame and condemnation with her encouragement to pursue beauty and life. That is so far from the person she is. . .that comes from our own place of insecurity and “not-enough-ness”. Praying you continue to find those things God has gifted you and what brings you life. thanks for your sweet comment!

  6. Ally

    I am thankful for someone sharing this podcast. I really needed to hear it. It helped to lift me above some of the fog.


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