I’ve sat here for awhile contemplating how best to introduce this podcast.

Then I saw this quote in the newest “Naptime Diary” written by today’s guest:

We can feel isolated – that’s real, but we can’t stay there. We have the entire trinity on our side, the Father loving us fiercely and making a good plan, the Holy Spirit interceding on our behalf, our coheir Christ interceding and making a way for us.

Don’t believe the lie that it’s all on your shoulders, and it’s all up to you and you have no clue where to go or what to do.  He is a very big God, and what’s better – He is incredibly near.


Jess Connolly has been through a lot of yuck – addictions, depression, eating disorders, attempted suicide. But on the other side of that? Restoration, healing, ministry.

God led Jess to start printing Scriptures for around her home – a simple way to remind herself of His truth.

She chose the name “Naptime Diaries” for her print shop, which came from the title of her blog. Well, now God has reveal a new and exciting way to use the name. . .

A mom devotional journal. . . a “Naptime Diary”. 

You’ll hear all about it in the episode today. A great place to write down what God’s been doing, what you need his help doing, Truth He’s revealed and just a place to scribble out prayers to God.

This journal is the perfect remedy for one of the main topics of today’s episode.

Jess’ openly shares about her bouts with depression. She offers three “helps” for the gal struggling to have hope. I nodded with agreement at everything she says. 

Especially the clinging to intimacy with God part. The praying out loud, walking around your house reading Scripture part.

Cuz motherhood is no joke. There is an invisible battle raging all around us. We aren’t alone. Like Jess said we have the entire trinity on our side.

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What we talked about:

  • How Heather embarrassed Jessi’s husband
  • Jessi’s backstory of having a single mom, personal addictions, and hard living before turning 15.
  • Her depression, suicide attempts & eating disorders after meeting Jesus.
  • Having 3 babies in 3 years and falling into another season of depression and two years of poverty.
  • How she started her Scripture print business.
  • Jess’ 3 pieces of advice for the gal struggling through depression.
  • Asking for and accepting help. . .don’t carry your scooter:

  • What depression looks like in an extrovert
  • What actual intimacy with God looks like
  • Mighty women of God who may be under attack need to call out in prayer!
  • The new big launch by Naptime Diaries. . .a devo journal for moms.
  • Taking time to count the fruit of your motherhood & cast a vision.
  • A SPECIAL 30% off discount code just for GodCenteredMom podcast listeners–applicable to the entire Naptime Diaries store. . .including their new Spring line!

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If you are feeling under attack today, what can we be praying for with you?

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