Anybody else need help in the kid department this summer?

The more time my boys spend together, the more fights and less peace I see in our home.

Relaxed schedules lead to whining & claims of boredom.

Family trips lead to a whole host of challenges. Basically taking the crazy on the road.

If this sounds anything like what you’re dealing with, I have good news.

Kirk Martin, from is back with practical tips on handling your summer challenges.

(If you’ve never heard Kirk before check him out here {Calmly Parenting the Strong-Willed Child-Ep 69} and here {How to Stop Yelling, Lecturing, & Power Struggles- Ep 62}.

My favorite part of this episode is when he perfectly describes the two players in a sibling fight and gives tips on how to help them work it out. Once again, Kirk provides specific phrases to say and ideas to implement today.

What we chat about:

  • Kirk’s reminder of what we are and are not responsible for in our kids.
  • Kirk’s advice for the summer bedtime issues Heather is having with her boys.
  • Tips for providing structure for your days and your summer.
  • Kirk’s chore motivation system using 3 fingers.
  • Setting appropriate expectations for sibling relationships and giving them space to work it out.
  • What to say and how to act when siblings are arguing–the roles they take.
  • How to help your provoking child learn the golden rule.
  • How to help your reacting child learn to stand up for him/herself.
  • Kirk’s tips for managing family life on your vacations this summer.
  • How to set your kids up for success when you are at family gatherings.
  • Kirk answers my question about what to do with the stubborn kid at Sea World.
  • The power of acknowledgement with an example of the woman at the well.
  • The thing I will now always keep in my purse to help with behavior in public.

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