Have you ever felt like your parenting just isn’t working, but you can’t pinpoint what is wrong? You’ve read all the books but the behavior management methods aren’t lining up with the gospel you want to communicate.

Well today’s podcast guests, Jim & Lynne Jackson, through their own parenting challenges have sought a better way.

As parents of 3 grown (spirited) children, the Jacksons, know parenting is hard. They were frustrated with the ineffective parenting methods they had been given.

That’s when they began “to find their way into a profound understanding of how God’s grace intersects with the ‘mess’ of parenting.” In 2002 they started Connected Families a ministry to help other parents understand the kind of parenting Paul referred to in 1 Thessalonians 2:4-12.

In this passage Paul says he was like a mother and a father as he discipled his beloved “children”. His authority came not from forcing his will, but from humbly serving as a nursing mother — gentle, loving, and caring; then as a father — encouraging, comforting, and urging godly living. . . This passage is deep and rich, often overlooked as a source of parenting wisdom, yet it seems to powerfully capture the essence of Godly parenting.”–Connected Families

Talking with the Jacksons was so life giving. We enjoyed an hour long conversation, which I am going to split between the next two weeks.

In part one, we focus in on the first two layers of their parenting framework: the foundation and connection. Communicating the messages to our kids: “You are safe” and “You are loved.”

Make sure you tune in next week for Part Two when we chat about “coaching” and “correcting”.

What we chat about:

  • Moving beyond the “behavior management” style of parenting.
  • How the Jackson’s came to develop their Connected Families framework.
  • What a mom can do who is parenting from a place of fear and anxiety.
  • Identifying and labeling your recurring thoughts. . .(“am I speaking truth to myself?”)
  • How to soak in truth and confess the lies we are believing
  • Don’t heap more work/approval on yourselves, but truly breaking the cycle of shame.
  • Disciplining with connection which can lead to repentance.
  • How to break the habit of poor connection with your children- the power of a smile of delight.
  • Figuring out what kind of mom you would like to be–announcing it privately & publicly

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