How to Quit Hustle & Embrace Small-Moment Living :: Emily Freeman {Ep 83}

Aug 10, 2015

The back-to-school emails have arrived in my inbox. The extra-curricular race begins in just a couple weeks. And our loosy goosy Summers get traded in for non-stop activity and hustle.

As the mom of four boys, busyness comes with the territory.

But does my soul have to keep a hurried pace?

What if I chose to “sit down” on the inside, re-centering my motivations, so I can more fully engage with my boys?

Well, today’s podcast guest, Emily Freeman (author of “Grace for the Good Girl”), is our guide to inviting Christ into the small moments of the day. She and I discuss the benches in her cul-de-sac and how they became a visual reminder of making time for soul rest.

On August 18th, Emily’s newest book, “Simply Tuesday”, releases. You can find a copy any place you like to buy books.

(Definitely make sure to join in on the Instagram fun and share your small moments using the hashtag: #itssimplytuesday.)


Love this quote from the interview:

Life is not one week long race to the weekend. That’s why I love Tuesday so much. Because Tuesday is a weekly reminder this is my real life. These are my real people. This is where I live. It’s our Tuesday moments where Jesus shows up as a kind companion. Tuesday is the everyday. If you want to see your everyday life…look at your Tuesday. -Emily Freeman

(Listen to Emily read the first chapter of “Simply Tuesday” –> Here)

What we chat about:

  • Why we prefer the term “middle school” to “junior high”
  • How two benches transformed Emily’s cul-de-sac community…and her daily living
  • Why Emily is suspicious of ‘hustle’…especially in herself
  • The phrase her counselor gave her  & how it changed her view of everyday moments
  • How Tuesday moments have become weekly reminders of her real life
  • What happens when we stop racing against others and turn towards them

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  1. Suse Fish

    Gosh, sweet lady – been there, walked that road. Felt so sad to hear those tears in your voice. Loved your words of truth and beauty… holding you in my prayers xxx

  2. Alisa

    Love this and loved what you shared after!

  3. Julie

    Your years broke me. Praying now for your dad and family.

    The week we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, my husband’s dad underwent emergency multiple bypass surgery. Seeing him weak in his hospital bed, my husband said he didn’t think I could understand how hard it was to see your father so ill. He must have been overwhelmed with sadness because he was forgetting that I had spent the last 6 months sitting next to my dad as he received chemo. I was so surprised at his oversight at first, but I realized that doing “sick” with your own parent is not something you can anticipate our even fully recognize in others. Just like you can’t know parental love until you have kids, you can’t know this ahead of time. It can be startling and unsettling, especially when so many questions are left unanswered.

    My siblings are much older than me – just like yours, if I’m remembering right – and the love and relationship I have with my parents is very special. I was not ready for that relationship to be “threatened.” God spoke directly to me in that time reminding me that He is Provider and Healer. He promised that regardless of outcome, His provision and healing was always perfect and complete. I am so thankful for how gently He carried me through that time. I trust He will do the same for you.

  4. Kim HuittKim

    I feel so close to you now Heather. My dad was just diagnosed with basal cell carinoma on his shin and we are hoping it has not metastasized. He just had a pacemaker placed this April after he passed out on the golf course. My dad is wonderful – one of my best friends – my kids’ hero. So I’ll be thinking of your family and praying. My sweet mother-in-law just passed away last year after a few years of dementia. It seems to be a season of loss but so much gain as well.

  5. Sarah @ Journeying With Him

    I love this podcast and learn so much from each episode. It’s a huge encouragement and a great tool for my growth in my current constraints (opportunities!) with two young children. Reading is hard…getting true quiet time is hard…but popping on your podcast in the background as I meet the responsibilities in front of me is easy and pleasurable. Thank you so much for your time and willing heart to serve other moms. Will be holding your dad in my prayers.


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