You know one of the best parts of a giant snowstorm?

Everything stops.

School’s out. Games cancelled. Stores closed.

And everyone stays home with their family (or spends hours outside playing in the snow!).

If that describes your weekend, then perhaps you just experienced a little bit of how it feels to “break busy”.

However, the heart behind Alli Worthington‘s message isn’t to sit at home and do nothing. And she isn’t introducing a new time management tool.

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In her book and in this podcast episode, Alli shares how God led her away from a draining, super-busy existence to an energizing, life-giving one. She helps guide you in asking an important question when analyzing your calendar. You learn about making a “stop doing list”. And take a second to consider the “why” behind your activities.

So many great quotes I’ll be sharing with you this week over on Instagram and Facebook. But this one stood out:

“When we seek our value in other people or in what they think of us. We lose sight of what we’re placed to do on earth. . . .God has great plans for you. God has knitted you together for great purposes. It’s a journey of discovering who He made you to be.”

And I’ve already been implementing one of my “stop doing” items. . .life changing!

(Oh and after our conversation I discovered Christine Caine’s podcast: “Coffee with Chris Caine”. So very good!!)

Connect with Alli:

Site :: Breaking Busy :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram

What we chat about:

  • Her big family of 5 boys. . .how that scares people
  • How do you know if an idea is yours or God’s.
  • How God changes us in the in-between stages.
  • Getting to the heart of “why” you are busy.
  • One question to ask yourself when you look at your calendar
  • How to make a stop doing list.
  • How engaging social media impacts your happiness (an “aha” moment for me).
  • Signs that you may be too busy.
  • How to find your worth in God first before filling your schedules.
  • Helping our kids navigate the online world and not find identity there.

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