Create a Home of Belonging & Becoming :: Sally Clarkson {Ep 107} *Giveaway*

Feb 8, 2016

When I think of inviting others into my home I cringe. Not because I don’t love people.

Honestly? It’s because of the Legos.

(I’m convinced Legos can have babies. And they aren’t very good parents because they leave their children to be stepped on. Or worse vacuumed up!)

Thankfully after this podcast interview I’ve been given a new perspective about creating a life-giving home. The process starts with embracing the people God gave me and the way He made me.

The amazing Sally Clarkson, author & speaker, has been opening my eyes to the beauty and ministry of mothering for the past 6 years. (Although she’s been sharing that message for more than 20 years. . .).

In this week’s episode you’ll hear Sally and I discuss how to create a space of belonging and becoming. An environment where your family and others feel Christ’s love and acceptance. And are inspired to do all God has equipped them to do.

AND fun bonus!!! Sally and the Tyndale team are generously giving a copy of Sally’s new book: “The Lifegiving Home”  **.

To enter to win a copy, just leave a comment below (would love to hear ways you are finding to give life from your home!). Giveaway ends February 14th, 2016. Winner will be notified via email.

This Week’s Partner:

Jim & Lynn Jackson of Connected Families (from Episodes 80, 81, & 98).

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What we chat about:

  • What is a life-giving home?
  • Reframing your vision of what a home could be.
  • How Legos keep me from inviting people into my home.
  • When Sally learned to love tea and coffee.
  • How to be an artist in your home, uniquely expressing God’s imprint.
  • How technology impacts the atmosphere we desire.
  • The role you play in taking responsibility for what your home looks like.
  • When your spouse has different values from you.
  • The work of cultivating your children’s appetite and creating a life-giving home.
  • Embracing the unique puzzle God has given you (all girls, all boys, moving a lot, single mom, etc.)

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  1. Sarah Maguire

    Heather–Thank you so much for this podcast! Waking up to this particular topic this morning was God speaking straight to me. As the mom of a whirlwind 3 year old who prefers all the toys be placed throughout the house instead of in the playroom I struggle to invite people into my home because of the mess. I am going to work on being less about the mess and more about quality of time with friends and other family members.

    • Allyson Boan


      I really enjoyed this podcast, as I am about to be a first-time mom and have been trying to think ahead to what I want our home to look like with children in it. I appreciated Sally’s insight and would be so grateful for an opportunity to read her book and continue to look deeper into the ideas she has to offer.

      Your podcast has been so helpful to me these past few months as we learned we are expecting a baby boy. I am one of two girls, so I have a LOT to learn! Thank you for hosting this show, sharing your personal insight, and inviting guests that provide such great wisdom.


  2. June Knobloch

    Heather –

    Thank you and Sally for the reminder of our mission field in the home as our first priority to our children. I enjoyed listening again and appreciate the insight of Sally and yourself regarding blessing our homes with what God has given us, not the world.

    Blessings – J

  3. Laura

    I’d love to read this book! I’m a recovering perfectionist with a heart for hospitality but a fear of crumbs often makes it a stress instead of the joy it should be. Can’t wait to listen!

  4. Rebecca H.

    I just found your podcast and blog today! I have been searching for resources regarding Christian motherhood and the creating a Christian home but haven’t found much worth while until recently. Thank you! I’d love to win a copy of this book. I’ll probably buy it even if I don’t win it!

  5. kathy josefy

    Hi!! Just found your podcast today and am so grateful. Would love to read this book and then pass it along to other ladies at my church- and possibly start a book club to read it together with other moms!! Thank you!!

  6. Marleah

    Every time I listen to your podcasts, I think, “This one is my favorite.” And then I think how I wish I knew you and whoever happens to be your guest that day. As a mom to three very fun, creative (aka: messy) and dramatic daughters, Sally’s insight offered much encouragement in how to manage my home more lovingly, and to teach my girls that one way to love God’s people well is to create a warm and inviting home. Thank you so much, for doing what you do.

  7. Emily

    Thank you for your tme and heart as you make the podcasts. I love Sally Clarkson and look forward to checking out her new book!

  8. Stephanie jones

    I’m excited to read Sally’s new book! I feel like I have to have a perfect home to invite friends over. And heavens what a state I get in when someone stops by unannounced.

  9. Alicia

    I’m excited to read this book! I’ve loved Sally’s other books and this podcast was very encouraging! Thank you!

  10. Jennifer

    I am so here. I always feel as if my house is not good enough. Thanks for the encouragement to give myself permission to look past it.

  11. Randi Streadl

    I am so excited for my kids nap today so u can clean and listen!! I actually have been praying for God to help me have a home where others can come to enjoy each other, raise our kids together, sister each other and do it all through God!! Can’t wait to see His plan

  12. Tara

    Thank you so very much for sharing your words of encouragement as well as the wisdom from Sally Clarkson! I have three littles 4 and under and another on the way and I can often find myself so overwhelmed by the messes and doubting my ability to make my home a restful and refreshing environment for my family and our visitors! I was super encouraged by Sally and I look forward to embracing this season and making our home a place to invite others into and a place that our children love to spend time!

  13. Laura Smith

    I have loved listening to Sally’s podcasts and look forward to reading the book.

  14. danna

    This episode is so timely and spoke right to my heart. I look forward to reading Sally’s book!

  15. Kathy H.

    Family first and spending time with each other as much as we can. Making it a safe place for anyone.

  16. Sarah G

    I loved this episode. Sally’s thoughts on setting your kids’ appetite is so encouraging to me as I look as see what I have set before my kids and the atmosphere of our home. I want to read this book.

  17. Ally

    I love her ideas, I am a young mom of 4, 6 and under… and I can often feel distracted and so I loved the whole thing about family culture and I love books and reading and my husband is in ministry and so mission is also a part of our family culture… I guess I need to think about this a bit more.

  18. SuseFish

    I would like to be Sally when I grow up! Seriously inspiring lady xxx

  19. Chelsea

    Loved this today! Thank you for all your podcasts… They’ve been very helpful to me.

  20. Misty white

    I so needed this! The words that I felt the most were when Sally said : I feel I will be held accountable for developing their appetites (children) — SO TRUE! I am constantly thinking of what I am introducing my son to… So important.

  21. Sandy Johnson

    Thank you for speaking about the issues of our hearts! I’m hoping to bring more of what Sally described into our home. Thank you again!

  22. Katie

    Thank you so much for your faithfulness every week in producing an encouraging podcast. I always come away with the tools I need to be a better God-centered mom.
    It was so motivating to hear Sally talk about creative ideas to bring more life into the home. Can’t wait to read her new book and get started on her wonderful and fun ideas!
    Thanks again Heather and may the Lord continue to bless you as you have blessed all the mamas out there!!

  23. Thea

    We so need this…one of our children is on the spectrum and has ADHD and often has me and his siblings on edge…lso hard. We are coming out of controlling, sparkley face legalism and still have much to learn. I am so trying for calm in our home…a decent snack laid out with saucers on the table after school, a new lego play zone (dedicated space in the laundry room). THIS (today’s podcast) sweet welcoming home is what my exhausted heart and mind long for. Thanks.

  24. Nancy

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast and I love both God Centered Mom podcast and At Home with Sally. My husband and I have a beautiful nine month old daughter and we also have the privilege of being missionaries in the slums of Lima Peru. One of the things Gid has been speaking to me about over the last year is a king our home a beautiful, life giving place where people feel safe, refueled and rejuvenated. I would LOVE a copy of Sally and Sarah’s new book. Thank you Heather, for what you are doing!

  25. Rebeka

    I so loved this episode! I love listening to Sally speak! This was so freeing for me! I have a best friend who is so gifted at making houses look gorgeous. I mean GORGEOUS! And I have another best friend whose home just makes you feel warm and fuzzy. But when I try to make my home align with theirs it’s a very unhappy process. I feel so inspired to find my own piece of the puzzle and imbrace it!

  26. Megan

    I always love when you chat with Sally. She’s the kind of lady that I would love to have as a mentor, or just have coffee with once in a while. I love her reminders that this mom life doesn’t just have to be about the drudgery of getting through each day — I can actually enjoy it and receive life through it!

  27. Erica

    I’d love a copy of Sally’s new book! We live in a teeny parsonage now and am trying to figure out how to use it in a welcoming way. 😉

  28. Ashley

    I just love Sally and her message!!! She has changed the game for me when it comes to mothering.

  29. Jess

    Such a delight to listen to your honest conversations. Each episode is such a gift.

  30. Stacy T.

    This book sounds like a refreshing change from all the home decor and organizing books that are so popular right now. Sally Clarkson is so inspiring. I would be delighted to read this book as I’m working on crafting my home to be one that is comforting for my family and all who visit. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Egle W.

    Thank you for another amazing podcast. So timely.

  32. Elisabeth

    Thank you for talking with Sally! She is so inspiring and helps me re-center my focus and remember that my children really are my ministry. I don’t need to add to that with the clutter of the world’s demands. Starting today, I am going to commit to spending my time being content with ministering to my children and know that is enough to please the heart of God and make a difference in the world. (And I am going to turn off my phone. 😉 )

  33. Michelle

    Sounds like a great book. I always worry about spending money on a home as we are always moving but buying simple things is a good idea!

  34. Amy Mitcham

    Yay! I want my home to be life giving!

  35. Stephanie S

    Your podcast is such a gift! I look forward to each one and feel reconnected to what really matters after listening. They’re a great way to recognize again what should be taking priority and what things I should just let go of. Thank you!

  36. Sara

    So good. I’d love this book! Your podcasts are always so encouraging, Heather.

  37. Bethany Jerkins

    First time to listen and really needed this one! Gets lonely sometimes with little ones at home and needed a fresh breath of air in the encouragement of my role at home!

  38. Houston Becker


    I really needed to hear these words today! I’m in my first year of parenting and I have been soaking up all the knowledge and words of encouragement that I can get from you and your guests on your podcasts. Thank you again for starting my morning off with such wisdom!

  39. Laura

    I just love the interviews with Sally Clarkson. She just helps me regroup and feel so filled with the spirit to serve my family and feel like that is enough.
    And thank you for your podcast. I love your guests and your candid stories about your own family.
    God bless!

  40. Evelyn

    Thank you so much for this conversation! I really enjoyed the part about shaping children’s appetites. Thank you both for sharing your wisdom.

  41. Brittany Bowers

    Thank you for the simple reminder of how important our job as mom is. It’s just what I needed!

  42. Cassie

    I would love to win Sally’s book! Thank you for this podcast- so encouraging!

  43. Kara

    I would love to win this book! I try to have a life-giving home by hosting everything I can here… we have two little boys and a little girl on the way so 1- it’s easier to just have things at home because then the kids can play and destroy 😉 and 2- I feel a lot more relaxed knowing my kids aren’t destroying other people’s things!

  44. Brigette

    I am excited about this book. Having heart and purpose behind what we do in our home and not to just impress other people is really important to me.

  45. Meghan

    My husband and I were convicted last year that we need to do a better job of making our home a mission field. This was a great podcast, reinforcing what I need to hear. It’s hard to overlook our house’s shortcomings, but greater is HE!

  46. Amy Grable

    Loved the podcast! I bought some flowers at Trader Joe’s to bring beauty and joy into our home. Would love to read her book!

  47. Jamie

    Oh man this spoke so much life into my life. I think I always felt guilty for wanting to Buy flowers and spend money making my house beautiful but to listen to the analogy of how we are creating it to be like the garden really inspired me to allow myself tobe who God created me to be! Also I’d love to be entered in the drawing!!

  48. Erin D.

    Love it! Thanks so much! Also if you start a connected family online forum, group to discuss I’d love to be a part of that!

  49. Kristin

    Great podcast! I always look forward to it each week and love hearing Sally speak. Lately, I’ve discovered a little routine that’s life giving to me and my 2 boys (11 months and 3) during a tough time of day and helps welcome my husband home after some longs days at work lately. Around 4 p.m. before the boys are up from naps, I light a candle, turn on some fun music (either worship or lately Jack Johnson’s Curious George soundtrack), fix a snack or cup of tea, and turn on lamps all over the house and outside for my hubby. These simple acts help give me energy for that last stretch to bed time, and help create a welcoming and fun environment for my kids and husband. It often results in dance parties while making dinner which I just love! Thanks again and can’t wait to read Sally’s new book!

  50. Grace

    As the frazzled mom of 4 kids ranging in age from 5 years to 7 weeks, and it being the worst part of winter in Minnesota, I’ve been struggling with feeling trapped at home. I barely manage to get dressed in the morning, and sweeping my floor feels like an impossible task when I am stuck nursing on the couch whenever I’m not changing a diaper or microwaving a meal. The thought of having anyone over and allowing them to see the yogurt footprints on my floor or laundry mountain in my living room is intimidating. This podcast came at a good time and was very refreshing to my weary soul. I was reminded that God put me in this place and I can serve Him in it. It’s not about waiting for the season of life to pass, but being obedient in the midst of it. I love Sally and will definitely be reading her book.

  51. Jessica Hawk

    Yay!!!!! What a great podcast episode and I loved the ideas for technology free days!!!

  52. Kristen

    Heather, thank you so much for your podcasts! As a mom of three boys 5 and under with baby number 4 on the way, I feel a connection to you! 🙂 I loved what you talked about at the end of this podcast about making disciples of our children. This past Sunday I heard a message about asking God to lay someone on your heart that you could serve with the intention of showing them Christ’s love and the person that kept coming to my mind through the whole service was one of my boys. showing Christ’s love to my children and making disciples out of them is my greatest desire, yet so hard to put into practice on a daily basis! Your podcasts are always so encouraging – thanks again for having s heart to help others!

  53. Katie

    Thanks for the reminder to focus on discipling our own kids and how the everyday mundane of caring for small kids makes a difference. I needed to hear that – it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the opportunity to win a book – it sounds great!

  54. Linnea

    I am inspired by the story of the hostess who swept the toys onto the floor and offered tea and warmth. I’m at a stage of life where if I wait until my work is done to be hospitable, I never will. I can hardly wait to sweep some toys away and get started.

  55. Maria

    Very blessed by this podcast. And hoping to get to read the book so badly! 🙂

  56. Kathryn

    Heather thank you so much for your helping me to see what a gift and calling it is to be a mother. I am a mother/step mother to three precious children. Thank you so much! May the Lord continue to raise up children and families that seek Jesus first.

  57. Cynthia

    I cannot wait to read Sally and Sarah’s new book! Thanks!!

  58. Amanda Noda

    I love love love the title of Sally and Sarah’s book. Isn’t that what we all want? A life giving home!!!! With three under seven I want to read this book and glean wisdom !!

  59. Cheryl

    I d love to read this book! Looks inspiring :). Great podcast by the way 🙂

  60. Nichole

    Thank you so much for this interview! I was so blessed to hear it this morning! My three under three have been sick and a life giving home was kinda the opposite of what I was thinking. I was dwelling on the life being sucked from me. But all it takes sometimes is a change of perspective to take my eyes off of me. Lord help me create an atmosphere that is life giving. Let me stop and just love, soak in the cuddles! And lord I would really appreciate a third arm! 😉 amen! I would love a copy of this book and am going to buy one if I don’t win anyway!

  61. Abbe

    Thanks for a great podcast, Heather! I just started listening to your podcast two weeks ago. I loved all of the inspiring ideas that Sally gave in this podcast. Thanks for arranging for her to be a guest!

  62. Lauren

    Thanks for the great podcast! With three, three and under, there are days that this podcast is what keeps me motivated and gets me through. I really benefit from the reminder that this is the job God has called me to right now and just endless, thankless and menial duties that suck every last second from the day! If it is His work, then it is good work!

  63. Trel

    Heather, thank you for always having great guests & topics! I always look forward to your podcasts! Awesome giveaway!

  64. Katie

    I love any podcast with Sally Clarkson on it! Thanks for so many great guests Heather and your always transparent and honest comments, I really appreciate them. This was a great episode (and I can’t wait to read her book!)

  65. Trisha

    Would enjoy this book! I use to love to open my home to people and since getting married and having a baby, it seems so hard to do. Thank you for the encouragement to stop fretting and start opening the home up.

  66. Grace

    Would love to win this book! Thank you for your podcast!!!

  67. kristen nichols

    Love love listening each week! Thank you Heather and Sally.

  68. Rebecca

    Reading Sally’s Own Your Life was a blessing two years ago as is listening to your podcast now. My soul needs constant recharging and often longs for the wisdom of older sisters in Christ. The Life-Giving Home would be a welcome addition to my reading list.

  69. Elizabeth

    Loved this. “Embrace your limitations.”

  70. Allison

    I just love Sally Clarkson! She so gently encourages me to keep plodding along intentionally trying to build a home full of warmth and love and hospitality. I long for a mentor like her. Thanks for bringing her into my kitchen and for reminding me of my mission field. I so resonated with longing to do something “bigger” or “farther reaching,” and am grateful for a reminder to start with one. One can make a big difference. The One made a world of difference.

  71. Nikki

    I just recently came across Sally Clarkson’s work and I am gobbling up every podcast I can find with her! I loved listening to your conversation with her. Really looking forward to reading The Life-Giving Home.

  72. Danielle

    Tears were streaming as Sally spoke as it hit my heart in such deep places. when she spoke on loneliness I wanted to fall to my knees. What a beautiful ministry she has built and such an amazing legacy for her family. I feel overwhelmed at the thought that I could bring such balance, harmony, life and peace into my home. The weight of that responsibility feels so heavy yet the longing and desire is there. I feel so incapable. I’m eager to learn more from Sally.

  73. Carmen

    Thanks so much for your podcast – I love listening to it!

  74. Alexandria

    Thank you for your practical, life-giving messages! I am a single mama for the week as my husband travels and I so appreciate the encouragement your podcast brings. I would love a copy of Sally’s book to turn our home into a place of love, encouragement, and fun. Thanks again for all you do!!

  75. Liz

    Hello! I love listening to your podcasts! LOVE, is the way I bring light into our home. I’m praying that love would radiate into the lives of people we come in contact with everyday! I would be so happy to win this book!

  76. Maggie

    Thank you so much for this podcast! SO much wisdom and encouragement for this mama of 3 littles. Creating a home that is a retreat for all who enter has always been of importance to me, but in this season of life is a challenge at times. Relying so much more on prayer and His strength to help me in this ministry of motherhood.

  77. Liz

    Thank you Heather and Sally for an excellent podcast! I’m feeling so inspired by Sally’s heart for mothers and discipleship in the home. I’ve heard her here and a few other places before but I haven’t connected more with her books or website….no longer! This podcast was the kick in the pants I needed. I will be buying a copy of this book if I don’t win the giveaway, it just sounds too good to be missed!

  78. Christine

    Oh my gosh this is so awesome – must get this book!!! So glad I discovered this blog – and hear the wisdom of these amazing women of God. Thanks so much!!!

  79. Lindsey

    Heather, I really enjoyed listening to your podcast with Sally Clarkson (#107) today, she is so awesome at making me feel at home in my own home and giving me ideas to reach out to other women and families in open, honest, fun ways! Thank you both!

  80. Holly Moore

    Thank you for this encouragement today!

  81. Megan Brockmeier

    Loved hearing from Sally and her sweet spirit and thoughts on the home, lots to think about.

  82. Christine

    Thank you so much for your final thoughts on the podcast!! It truly hit home for me. I do believe God has meant me for big things in this world. Today was the first day that it actually occurred to me that the BIG thing could very well be the thing in front of me every. Day. My walk with Christ, my husband, our beautiful children (STRONG WILLED 3 yr old boy & 8 month old daughter), and our home. I long to facilitate love & life in our home as it was not so much the case for me when I was a child. Growing up in a home filled with anger, abuse, fighting, and bitterness I am determined to keep the devil out of our home and make it a place of peace filled with the love of Jesus. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would absolutely be overjoyed to win Sally’s book!

  83. Joey

    THANK YOU! I was so in need of this today! I struggle so much with home making and feeling like I’m doing with it well! I love the story of pushing the Legos to the floor! What a beautiful witness the motherhood is ministry! We can do it amidst the Legos and dolls everywhere! THANK YOU!

  84. Hana

    Thank you so much for this podcast and giveaway! This definitely speaks to my heart as I have a very difficult time opening up my home to others. I struggle with fighting perfection and God has really challenged me by giving me two beautiful children back to back! It has taken a lot for me to learn how to balance God, kids, my husband, my home, and my home always seems to come last! But I love how this podcast focuses on how a welcome home isn’t necessarily a perfectly well kept one, but one that is full of loving spirits. Definitely a challenge that I need to take on!

  85. Sara

    This broadcast spoke to my heart. I’m a mom of eight, living in a very small home, but that doesn’t have to stop me from filling that home with love and joy. I want life to flow from my home. I would love to read this book. Thank you, Sally, for your ministry to all of us moms out here who need encouragement.

  86. Jamie

    This podcast was really speaking to me today. Our first ministry is in our home where making disciples happens daily! Mom’s work so hard and it is important that we can find peace and comfort in our own homes. I would love to have a copy of Sally’s book!

  87. Amy Faircloth

    I just want to start off by saying THANK YOU! I started listening to this podcast about 5 months ago and It has been so very life giving. You are so real, sweet, and funny. Thank you for sharing your journey of motherhood with me and encouraging me along mine. Your vulnerability is so tender and organic (i feel like i’m talking about chicken, but just go with me here) and I think thats why it is so easy to connect with you. This episode was so special to me as I am a young mama with 2 very littles trying to figure out how to make my house a home. Iv’e watched every episode of fixer upper to try to accomplish this, but THIS podcast gave me far better direction. I learned that It’s not about how beautiful or well organized our homes are it’s really about cultivating a place of peace and belonging. I did however have to google what a pashmina was lol. I loved what Sally said about making our home a place we enjoy. Just last night I was cooking up dinner while my babies were pulling apart the tupperware and I felt myself getting a little frustrated. I took a breath and thought “what would Sally do?” So I lit a candle and placed it next to me on the counter where I was prepping and turned on sovereign grace radio on pandora. It made all the difference! I loved all of Sally’s little practical tips. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book! Thanks again Heather, thank you for saying yes to God’s calling and starting this podcast in your closet. You are pretty awesome.

  88. Tanya Baker

    Heather, thank you so much for this podcast. I really loved when Sally talked about how we do not have to go along with everyone else and put our children in front of TV, gameboy, etc. etc. but can turn these things off and, instead, do those things that bring LIFE. My son is only two, but I do not allow him to watch TV or Youtube for more than a couple of minutes a day. Otherwise, we play with his toys, dance, laugh, and enjoy being together. We love to have play dates as well, where he learns to interact with others, and the other mom and I TRY to have life-giving conversation (with 2 year-olds running around our feet.) 😉 Also, Heather, your comments at the end about making disciples were PURE GOLD. I believe this to my core, and feel so passionately about it, I was shouting “Amen!” and “Preach, girl!” the entire time you were talking. I love your heart for mothering and your boldness and passion to proclaim its importance. So encouraging. Oh, and I passed this episode along to a friend, who is also spreading it around Facebook. Thank you for being a voice that goes against the grain. Keep up the good work.

  89. Anne

    Love, love, love your podcasts!! I have been listening ever since I heard one that Sally had previously been on and I’m hooked. You and her are such a breath of fresh air!
    Keep inspiring.
    -A fellow mom of four boys-

  90. Ashley


    Thanks for having Sally on your podcast! I used to struggle with this a lot!! Until our 3rd girl was born then and I realized the speed of time and finally decided in order for me to spread love and make everyone welcome I need to focus on that person, that visit, etc. not the stains on the rug or the yogurt splatters on the curtain! Anyway, I look forward to reading her book! I listen to your podcast on the way to and from work and I need each one!!

  91. Jennifer O

    I loved the story of lady swiping the toys off the table and focusing on Sally. I shy away from having people in our home because it doesn’t look great. I found it encouraging to just give what you can by focusing on the person, not on your house.

  92. Julie

    Thank you Sally & Heather for the discussion. I really appreciated the emphasis on how much God can use me and my home to further His kingdom!

  93. Jamie

    I just listen to my first podcast and I am already so blessed by it. Thanks you for also introducing me to Sally. She reaffirmed something I have been felt to do.

  94. Laura Mayo

    What a huge encouragement! I really appreciate the charge at the end, Heather. Spot on.

  95. Meghan Payne

    I love this idea of a life giving home and my home being somewhere people feel welcome and loved no matter the circumstances (i.e. Legos everywhere). Please don’t ever change the ending of your podcasts…the verse from Zephaniah 3:17, the encouragement that I’m pleasing God by serving my family and washing dishes while I listen (always), and even that part where you stumble on the words a bit…don’t change it. It’s real and encouraging and makes me smile, every time. I usually don’t listen to the end of other podcasts, but I always listen to yours.

  96. Jennie Ridley

    This podcast is such a gift and an awesome time of encouragement. Thank you!!

  97. Cassie

    I loved this episode and I will love reading this book! I think it was written especially for me! Such great insight and wisdom, thank you.

  98. Ashley Jones


    Thank you for your weekly encouragement. This podcast is so life giving to me as a stay at home mom of two under two. I would love the opportunity to read Sally’s book!

    Thank you,
    Ashley J

  99. Jackie

    Heather! You + Sally = so good! Really enjoyed this podcast. Would be cool to win the book, but I’m winning every time I get to listen to your encouraging, truth filled podcasts. Thank you!

  100. Jen

    Wow! I just listened and it was like Sally was speaking just to me! I have 6 kids (15-3) and I want to be better at building a life giving home. I long for our home to be a place where people feel like they’ve been wrapped in Christs love. Thank you for this message – I am anxious to get the books and to get started!!! It’s never too late to build a life giving home and God can do a lot with a little!!!

  101. Jenni

    Love Sally!!!!! I can’t wait to start giving this book as gifts.

  102. Kimmie

    Would LOVE to read this- sounds like a great book:) I want to be a good mom.

  103. Henna Maria

    I would so delight in winning this book. 🙂

  104. Naomi Wilcox

    My husband & I just welcomed our first child in December. We have been praying & talking about what kind of values our family should have & about creating our own family culture. This podcast came at such a vital point in our family’s formation. Can’t wait to read this book!!!!!

  105. Elise Harper

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  106. Stacy

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  107. Amy

    So enjoyed this podcast! I have enjoyed Sally’s books for the last 10 years and would love her newest book! Mission of Motherhood inspired me to homeschool our children when my oldest was still a baby. Now we are in our 7th year!

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