It may be sooner than you think. . . and more than just a one time conversation.

“The talk” is more like an on-going dialogue starting when your kiddos questions begin.

After hearing today’s guest, Mary Flo Ridley, share at a MOPs program years ago I felt equipped to know when and how to teach my boys about “the birds & the bees”.

Today Mary Flo shares how to help your kids develop healthy attitudes and behaviors about sex.

When to Have -The Talk- (1)

Mary Flo is not a medical doctor and does not claim to be an expert. But she has been teaching on this topic for 30 years, has three grown children and is a fellow mom. I don’t know about you but usually I’d rather learn from another mom, any day.

Through a simple step-by-step program, Mary Flo helps answer the questions:

  • What should we call “private parts”?
  • If I teach them the names, how do I keep them from repeating them in public or teaching their friends?
  • How do I become the one my kids go to with questions about sex?
  • How early should I talk to my kids?
  • What exactly should I say?

Her answers will most likely surprise you. But once you hear the rationale you can’t deny how right she is.

“These conversations should be simple, straight-forward, and to the subjects that children are curious about–their own bodies, how babies are born, and how babies are made. They have a natural curiosity about these things, and I want to capture those moments instead of running from them.” -Mary Flo Ridley

Here’s a little video clip with another thought when considering, “How soon should I talk to my child about sex?”:

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I hope our podcast helps equip you and removes dread regarded a singular “talk”. May an open dialogue begin between you and your kiddos that will last through adolescence. 

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