Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. . .including sassiness?

Now I’m not a girl mom. But I am a girl. That’s gotta count for something.

I know how complicated my emotions can be. With all the social media and cultural pressures, I can only imagine how overwhelming it is to raise a girl nowadays.

Good news!!! Today’s help comes from girl expert and licensed counselor, Sissy Goff. She spends most of her days chatting with girls and their families. The author of eight books including, “Raising Girls”, Sissy brings loads of wisdom and perspective.


In this episode we spend the first chunk of time talking on the topic of beauty. Then we move into whining and strong emotions (including the epidemic of childhood anxiety). Sissy shares great thoughts on girl friendships and sister stress.

Personally, I love her thoughts on how attention issues (e.g., ADHD) can impact girls socially. Lastly, she gives excellent advice on how to maintain a healthy mother-daughter relationship. And this quote:


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What we chat about:

  •  Speaking to the different areas of beauty God has placed in each girl, specifically calling out strength and bravery.
  • How we, as moms, talk about OURSELVES influences how our daughters see themselves.
  • Helping girls develop their own identity.
  • Keeping an ongoing dialogue and pulling your daughter back “into the huddle of your family” to discuss external messages.
  • Building up confidence helps lessen the fixation on external beauty.
  • Circling back to the places your daughter is confident and the things she likes about herself.
  • The importance of a girl’s father (or other male role model in her life) to show her she is valued for who she is.
  • Helping your daughter realize most girls share her same struggles.
  • Managing her intense emotions at home and recognizing anxiety.
  • Teaching empathy in practical ways.
  • Identifying “balcony friends,” “basement friends,” and “rollercoaster friends.”
  • Respecting her capabilities and fighting the urge to “fix everything” as she moves into the teen years.

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