For the two or three of you who asked if we would do this. . .

Bruce has taken over the podcast, renamed it “The GodCenteredDad Podcast” and put me on the hot seat. Asking questions you posted on Instagram and Facebook, such as:

  • How did you get started with GodCenteredMom? What are your top 3 dreams or aspirations?-@lepsalm139
  • How do you find time to focus on your kiddos, your marriage and yourself without going insane? -@meganaboyer
  • Will you ever write a book? -@jennawalczak
  • You mention your background in speech pathology. Can you talk about your decision to stay home? -@memswim
  • When (and how often) do you shower and get ready? -@jenniferhughes627
  • From another mom of 4 boys. . .Do you ever feel alone in your own home? -@karahhare

I also share some turning point stories. Yes, I cry. But it’s the overwhelming joy kinda tears. Beyond listening to my story, I hope you are encouraged to grow in your intimacy with Jesus. Which will reap benefits for generations to come.

Okay, okay. . .without further ado (cuz I gotta order some Christmas cards, stat) . . .


What we chat about:

  • How Bruce and I met
  • My journey into Speech-Language Pathology
  • The transition into motherhood and how I worked part-time
  • How the blog and podcast got started
  • “What do people come to you for?” (your passion and giftedness lies nearby)
  • An example of child-centered mothering
  • What I hope women get out of God-centered mom episodes
  • Weepy thoughts on the privilege of being an all-boy mom
  • Some of my favorite interviews
  • Power of mothering in the little years
  • Lightening round questions: balance vs. well-lopsidedness, setting boundaries, how/when do I shower, testimony

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3. Subscribe to the Podcast – access the podcast in iTunes (Click here to access via iTunes). You can also search for it on your smartphone app (like the ones listed above) and subscribe.