“God didn’t give me a child so I could tell Him exactly my expectations of how that child should be. You have to say ‘God show me how to love the child you gave me and how to release him within his limitations and personalities into their world as a healthy human being.'”

-Sally Clarkson.

You’ve heard Sally come on the podcast and share how to own your life (Ep 54) and how to create a life-giving home (Ep 107). Today she’s back on the show with her adult son, Nathan Clarkson. This time we’re talking about learning to love our kids’ outside-the-box differences. Trusting mom intuition and believing God uniquely designed each of our kids for a purpose.

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Sally and Nathan share stories from his childhood. And offer helpful tips for casting vision over your children.  I found Sally’s thoughts on holding ideals but letting go of expectations very helpful.

“Give up expectations. But lead family to ideals. Don’t give up on ideals. They are shaping the core of your children’s values.”

Thankfully Sally and Nathan have written a much-needed resource on this topic, “Different: The Story of an Outside-the-Box Kid and the Mom Who Loved Him.” **



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What we chat about:

  • When you start to notice your child is different (Sally)
  • When the child begins to notice he/she may be different (Nathan)
  • When you want to sympathize & parent inner needs but told to discipline external behavior.
  • Creating a space allowing your child to be themselves and belong.
  • How Jesus treated people differently with the same love.
  • How to cast vision over your children.
  • How to turn differences into superpowers.
  • Creating rhythms in your home.
  • Holding ideals while letting go of expectations.
  • How differences impact family dynamics.
  • Orchestrating breaks for moms of children with differences.
  • Things that helped Nathan as a teenager who knew he was different.

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