It’s time to acknowledge the “porn in the room”.

Unfortunately, this topic hits too close to home for too many families. And goes beyond being a moral issue, causing ripple-effect damage to our culture.

So I’ve invited father & son team, Dr. Josh and Dr. Jimmy Myers, on the show this week. As licensed clinical counselors they have had their share of experience helping families heal from the devastation of pornography.

In this episode Jimmy & Josh help us avoid the temptation of pornography. And discuss ways to get freedom from addiction. I loved their advice on how we can best approach difficult conversations with our spouses. Praying this is an episode wives and husbands can listen to and it brings more connection than division.

AND if you’re looking for a God-centered podcast for guys check out the Pairadocs podcast hosted by Drs. Jimmy and Josh.

What we chat about:

  • How Jimmy and Josh both got involved in psychology.
  • Handling smart technology with your kiddos.
  • What to do when you think you or a loved one has an addiction to porn.
  • Pointing an addict to consider the tremendous amount of victims with pornography.
  • Having healthy conversations about sex at home.
  • Steps of healing after porn has entered your married relationship (virtual affair).
  • Treating our spouses’ actions as wrong not as them as bad people (avoid toxic shame).
  • What to do if you discover spouse has relapsed to addiction.

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