Balancing honesty and privacy can be a bit tricky for any of us. But even more so when your dad is the well-known pastor, John Piper.

This week I’ve invited Barnabas Piper on the show. Recently he and I traveled with a group to Israel. While touring sites, riding the bus, & sharing meals I gained an appreciation for Barnabas’ unique experience and perspective.

In this episode we cover three main themes: life as a pastor’s kid (which he wrote about in his first book), grief from a marriage ending, and intrigue about Israel’s political situation.

Barnabas shares helpful tips on managing family devotionals (especially if dad is a pastor). He also lays down a challenge to dads about doing dad things (without expecting praise). Lastly, he and I recount the Middle East “insider insight” we gained during our Israel trip (and how it applies to parenting).

What we chat about:

  • What’s it is like being a pastor’s kid
  • How a pastor’s family’s should approach family devotions.
  • What does “time in the Word” look like with his girls.
  • The grief of Barnabas’ recent divorce.
  • The balance of honesty and privacy.
  • The hardest parts of being a single parent.
  • What we learned from Israeli military strategist, Elliot Chodoff.
  • Thoughts from an Arab-Muslim Journalist about Palestinian conflict.

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