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In answer to y’all’s requests, today I’m chatting with certified special education teacher, Sara Furlich, about Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). As a mom to three girls, two of whom have been diagnosed with ADHD, Sara personally knows the impact of this disorder on home life. In this episode she answers the questions y’all asked on Facebook about diagnoses, medication, coping strategies, etc.

Every parent will learn something from Sara in this episode. I appreciated her thoughts on establishing a routine during the chaotic summer months. And I loved her “chore tag” idea for keeping kids on track with chores/responsibilities.

What we chat about:

  • Can other conditions be mistaken for ADHD? Can sleep apnea be misdiagnosed as ADHD?
  • Looking at stress/anxiety and social skills when diagnosing ADHD.
  • What steps to take when you suspect a child has symptoms of ADHD.
  • Can a child outgrow ADHD?
  • How do you decide if child should go off meds for breaks/summer?
  • Clearing up the confusion between ADD and ADHD labels.
  • Strategies for mom of child with ADHD-inattentive type.
  • A routine you can set up to help with summer chaos.
  • How to help kiddos with oppositional behaviors.

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