Jesus himself says that in this world we will have trouble. So why are we so surprised when the world seems crazy? We will all go through tough circumstances where we feel weak and unable to go on, but my guest Lisa Whittle shares how we can prepare for life’s storms by speaking God’s truths over our lives and positioning our hearts to hear his voice.

Instead of looking out over the rocky terrain of life and choosing impractical flip flops (winging our Christian walk), we can put on our warrior boots and make a spiritual plan to be Jesus Strong and teach our kids to do the same.

What we chat about:

  • Advice for the new mom to give herself grace and parent through hard places.
  • Losing both our dads this past year
  • Strong personalities don’t equal inner strength in the face of life’s storms
  • Our human brave has an expiration date — it’s always going to run out.
  • We need to be Jesus strong and use the Bible as a book of preparation
  • It’s not about feeling ready, but being ready for anything in Jesus
  • Making a spiritual plan for our life instead of just “winging it”
  • Choice and commitment over feelings is everything
  • God’s word is our vehicle to survive. It has all of the answers for our life.
  • Speaking declaration over our lives is powerful, it strengthens us.
  • Changing negative thought patterns to faith-based thought patterns
  • How we can choose to “put on our warrior boots” and be emboldened by God’s word

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