It’s not a topic we like to talk about in church circles, but more than a third of people may develop an eating disorder in their lifetime. My guests today tackle this difficult issue head on with practical advice, candid stories and so much grace.

My longtime friend Carrie Cassell shares about her 20+ year struggle with wrapping her identity around eating and control and how she finally found freedom. And her licensed therapist Angie Buja speaks into how we can tackle this issue as parents and how to respond if we think our daughter or son might be struggling with body image and food.

What we chat about:

  • Carrie’s story of struggling with an eating disorder, fear and control
  • Warning signs to look for as parents and how to address them
  • 35% of normal dieters at any point in their life will develop an eating disorder
  • Kids who have food restrictions related to good or bad food, they are 12 times more likely to binge
  • The effect of puberty on girls’ bodies and commons questions to come up for parents
  • 13% of women over 50 develop eating disorders
  • The importance of paying attention to our feelings as parents and carefully responding with love and validation when your kid is struggling with their body image
  • Separating the eating disorder from the value of the person
  • Eating disorders is the leading cause of death in mental illness
  • The multi-step process of walking out of eating disorders
  • How recovery can be a gift that reminds us we need Christ

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