Pastor and author Paul David Tripp talks about the potential transformation available when we apply the gospel to our parenting. It is powerful. It is moving. I need to listen to this episode on repeat.

If your eyes ever see or your ears ever hear the sin, weakness and failure of your children, it’s never an interruption, it’s never a hassle, it’s always grace. God loves that child, he’s put them in a family of faith and he will expose the need of that child to you so you can be a tool of his rescue and transformation. That’s parenting.

Jump into this conversation and check out the great live streaming event he has coming up on Sept. 29-30 (details below).

What we chat about:

  • How the gospel is often missing from what parents think their role is in the lives of their children
  • Grace vs. the law in parenting and how the law always falls short
  • No parent has any ability to change their children. We are a tool in the hands of the one who can change my children
  • Jesus bears the burden of the spiritual welfare of our children. 
  • Controlling the behavior of your children does not create a heart change that is sustainable
  • Answers to your questions from Facebook and Instagram
  • Asking good heart-revealing questions:
    • What’s going on? Just get a telling of the situation.
    • What were you thinking and feeling as it was happening?
    • What did you do in response?
    • Why did you do it?
    • What was the result?
  • Grace is about asking the question, “What right now is God seeking to do in the heart of the child?”
  • We have to stop making parenting all about us. It makes our responses angry and adversarial.
  • The way we exercise authority is so important because we want to soften their hearts toward the authority of God
  • Looking at each moment as a part of the long process view of parenting and how each conversation can bring our children closer to the process of transformation
  • What system of values determines the schedule of your family?
  • Parenting was ordained by God to be an ongoing conversation with your children
  • Discipline of correction vs. discipline of consequences and why both are necessary
  • Rebellion is really a rebellion against God. It’s God’s authority our children rebel against.
  • We need to be rescued from ourselves. We can pray everyday for the help we need.
  • Parenting is a massive spiritual warfare.   
  • When our kids make us angry– leave the room and pray before your respond
  • Rather than responding in the wrong way that will push them away from God, choose the situations you need to respond to them wisely

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