The Bible tells of healings, miracles and the power of the Holy Spirit, but God’s power didn’t stop after the New Testament. Today’s guest Courtney Smallbone shares her personal story of God’s power in the hardest circumstances imaginable.

Supernatural healing is for today. Courtney’s story of finding freedom from anxiety and miraculous healing for her infant son is a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness.

As moms we have a lot of fear and anxiety. We carry a lot. We have these little people that we’re in charge of and discipling. It gets exhausting and hard. I felt like the Lord just filled me with himself. He has given me not the spirit of fear, but love and power and a sound mind. I needed a sound mind when I was dealing with anxiety. He has given us power through his Holy Spirit and we can walk that out as moms in everyday life.

What we chat about:

  • Courtney’s testimony of seeing God move in her life and health
  • How Courtney met her husband Luke Smallbone of For King and Country
  • The impact of Luke’s autoimmune disease on Courtney and her family
  • Dealing with anxiety and prescription medicine dependence
  • Getting freedom from the shame and finding healing holistically
  • The importance of community in the healing process
  • Why the church needs to embrace a holistic approach to healing and helping people be open about sharing their struggles
  • Courtney’s physical issues with her most recent pregnancy
  • The miracle of her son’s healing
  • Teaching our kids that prayer is powerful and effective and that God is real
  • Worshipping with your children invites them into a lifestyle of worship
  • Hearing God for others and the gift of the praying in the spirit

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  1. Amy

    This podcast was so encouraging to my soul. I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my second child and can relate to so much of what Courtney spoke about. Praise God for women who are willing to break down their walls of pretenses and share their testimonies so that God gets the glory and we all can feel a little less alone.

    • Heather MacFadyen

      I am so thankful Amy that Courtney’s story was such an encouragement to you! Thank you for listening. Blessings with that second baby!!

  2. Jill Zizolfo

    I have listened to your podcast for about a year now, and am so thankful for it! This particular episode touched my heart, brought tears to my eyes, and chills to my bones-all as I cleaned the kitchen and did my mom thing. The Holy Spirit for sure moved through this. It was encouraging. I will be sharing this one with other moms as well. Thank you to you, Heather and Courtney, for your obedience, faithfulness, endurance! God bless you both.

    • Heather MacFadyen

      oh wow! thank YOU Jill! The Holy Spirit definitely was at work throughout Courtney’s testimony and her prayer. . .wowzers, yes!! Thank you for sharing and listening!! blessings, *h

  3. Annie

    Thank you for this episode and to Courtney for sharing her miracle story. I felt God speaking to me through her words about gratitude, to pray more and pray with my husband and four boys.

    • Heather MacFadyen

      I’m so thankful it was an inspiration to you to seek God more in prayer!! Thank you for listening! blesssings *h

  4. Melissa C

    This was such a wonderful testimony. I loved Courtney’s humility… recognizing that God does not answer everyone’s prayers with the “yeses” that they have received.

    • Di

      He has given us power through his Holy Spirit and we can walk that out as moms in everyday life.Her verse cure panic/Anxiety/fear after i gave birth.Thanks for sharing. The way to overcome anxiety is on the word of God. Love you and Luke and the kids.

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