Opportunity vs. Disruption :: Paul David Tripp [Ep 212]

Aug 13, 2018

In the thick of parenting it is easy to get our perspective skewed or react to our children from a place of emotion or our own sin. My guest Dr. Paul David Tripp gives a course-correcting pep talk reminding parents of their deep calling from God and how to look at discipline as an opportunity to connect our kids with God’s goodness.

“You’re never just dealing with behavior. You’re always dealing with what controls the child’s behavior and that’s his heart. And if God consciousness doesn’t rule my heart, self orientation will. That’s what has to change. No I can’t create that change, but I can I can give God’s Spirit an opportunity again and again to work in the heart of my child”

Tripp  is a pastor, international event speaker, and best-selling author. As a father of four grown children, he shares candidly from his own experience. This encouraging episode is packed with a lot of truth! Share with your spouse and friends!

What we chat about:

  • The deeper calling of on our lives as parents
  • We cannot rely on our kids to give us hope for parenting them.
  • How opening our children’s eyes to see God everywhere pulls them away from a self centered existence.
  • God created the world so that it’s very physical nature reveals him.
  • Root the rules that you have for your children in God’s goodness and his love and His grace.
  • Every opportunity we have to discipline or correct is not an opportunity first to threaten  with punishment but to talk about how good God is.
  • Ask the question, “What is God wanting to do in the heart of this child?”
  • Behavior is really about a child’s heart orientation
  • God way of parenting isn’t efficient, but it is transformational  .
  • The values of the world push against our calling as parents. We have to consider where we are placing our treasure and hope.
  • A God perspective for how to respond when your children sin
  • God is exposing something in my child so I can be part of his help and rescue.
  • Parenting is about planting seeds. We aren’t going to see them bloom overnight.
  • Dealing with rebellion and authority issues with grace and consequences
  • Parenting adopted children and helping them with identity

Connect with Paul David Tripp:


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Transcript of conversation: Download Here

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