Sandi Patty is Christian music icon who provided the soundtrack to a lot of my youth. She’s an inspiration on and off the stage. In our interview, she opens up about a lot of struggles she’s had in her past and the fears and shame she’s carried for a long time.

I’m just being very real with you about how even now at 62, I’m still processing the ‘should haves’. You know, I often say, ‘I should’ to myself. You know, I should’ve done this. I should’ve done that. I should have.

She shares the freedom she’s still finding in learning to focus on what God says about her identity as a wife, mother and as an artist. And about how connecting with God through community and counseling have made all the difference for her. As a mom of eight grown kids from a blended family, Sandi does not mom alone!

Finally, Sandi shares what a huge impact it made for her when she really grasped that God not only loves her, He likes her too.

A friend told me once that God likes me. Really. If he was giving a party, he’d give you an invitation. If he had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. Like he likes you. He delights in you. And you know, there’s a lot of people that we think of that we love, but we may not necessarily like. It really connected for me because I would think, yeah, of course he loves me. But he’s God, that’s his job. But that he likes me. That’s really cool.

What we chat about:

  • Sandi’s blended family which includes eight kids
  • It’s ok to have two oldests or two youngests in a blended family
  • Acknowledging that every blended family is born out of loss
  • Sandi’s family background and her experience with sexual abuse
  • How Bible Study Fellowship played a big role in helping her connect with God’s word
  • The important role that counseling can play in healing from trauma
  • How sharing your story truthfully and openly can bring healing
  • Every day in your marriage isn’t going to be perfect and it’s ok to model that for your kids
  • Processing an injury her son had almost 30 years ago and how Sandi has carried the guilt of that incident
  • Motherhood brings feeling of guilt and shame to the surface
  • God loves and worries more about our kids than we ever could
  • Learning to believe the truth that God loves each of us (and likes us too!)
  • You cannot get shame off of you without help
  • God’s word is our biggest tool against fear and doubt

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Shame whispers the lie: “You are wrong”. It holds you captive when circumstances are less than perfect. Trapped in the belief that if you were better, life would go better.

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