Priscilla Shirer has authored many books and Bible studies. She is a motivational speaker and evangelist and she founded Going Beyond Ministries with her husband Jerry. But in addition to the amazing opportunities God has opened for her in ministry, she is a mom of three boys ages 16, 14, and 10.

Priscilla gets real in our chat about how she juggles motherhood and ministry and encourages moms that we all deal with the mundane parts of the job.

I think people assume that I’m like sitting on a mountain top and praying and fasting about messages all the time, but no. I’m actually doing laundry and trying to figure out new ways to cook chicken for dinner because my kids eat incessantly.

We talk about her upcoming movie, a great book series she wrote for kids ages 8 to 12 and about how she has processed the passing of her cousin Wynter Pitts who was also an author and speaker.

And she reminds us not to mom alone, but to press into friendships with moms who will cheer you on and to give yourself a break when you need one.

I would encourage that for women who are struggling, don’t let your expectations make you disappointed and frustrated about your reality. Just do what works for you. If that means that you’re using a crockpot most days and not making these gourmet meals that everybody else has got up on Instagram. Girl, use the crock pot… Relaxing your expectations and circling yourself with people who are cheerleading you can make all the difference.

What we chat about:

  • Following God as he opened the doors of ministry for Priscilla
  • How she has balanced being a mom and an author, speaker and actress
  • Her upcoming movie Overcomer which will release in August 2019
  • The background of her epic adventure fiction series The Prince Warriors and how it invites kids into the topic of spiritual warfare
  • Letting our story be our story even when it looks different than our expectations and giving ourselves grace
  • The value of surrounding yourself with friends who will cheer you as you follow after God’s plans for your life
  • How she has processed grief with the sudden death of her cousin Wynter Pitts
  • Avoiding comparison in our mom journeys and in how we grieve

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