Even though it seems like you are never alone, motherhood can feel like a place of deep isolation. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. My guest Sally Clarkson shares her insight on how she learned to invite others into friendship and into her home to build a community of girlfriends in the midst of multiple moves and parenting four kids.

I think finding really true, deep, godly friendships is hard. But I think that the more I realized that other women felt like I did, they felt insecure. They felt like they were failing. Sometimes they felt like they were isolated. And I realized that if I was ever going to have friends, I was going to have to reach out because it’s rare that somebody comes to me and says, I want to be your friend.

Whether you have recently moved to a new community or simply want to connect with more women in your own hometown, Sally shares so much practical wisdom and encouragement to be brave and invite others into your life so you won’t mom alone. Loved what she shared in how extroverts vs. introverts cultivate friendships. 

We’ve got to fight for it because I feel like the home is disappearing. Relationships are disappearing. One-on-one is disappearing. And I feel like if God really wants us to show his love to the world, we’ve got to keep going and trying to find a way to love women and to care for them just to keep our own souls alive. 

What we chat about:

  • Sally’s story of coming to faith and inviting other women into friendship
  • What she’s learned along the way about cultivating friendship
  • How to keep going when no one you invite shows up
  • Hospitable = taking care or considering the someone else’s needs
  • We hope friendships will just happen, but we have to create ways for inviting people over
  • Extroverts might choose to invite groups of women over and introverts can start with one or two
  • Look for women who call you to your best self
  • Fostering mentor relationships with women
  • Don’t worry about having lots of playdates for your elementary-aged kids. Invest in friendship with your kids as a foundation.
  • Making friends is a messy process and it doesn’t always mesh
  • Jesus wanted us to go out into the world and love people
  • Building a foundation with whoever you want to relate to with unconditional love and speaking words of affirmation in their lives
  • You will have a legacy of relationships if you continue to cultivate life in such a way that relationships can be formed
  • Managing disagreements between your kids to keep the lines of friendship open between them

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