God often uses our areas of weakness to bring blessing to others. The things we long to keep in the dark can actually bring light and life when we say, “Yes.” to God. That is JJ Heller’s story.

As an independent singer/songwriter, she has experienced a lot of ups and downs in professionally and personally. One of the hardest things has been her struggle with fear and anxiety.

I would pray every night that I would wake up in the morning and I would never have another panic attack again. Because, you know, sometimes God answers prayers that way, just totally, completely instantly. And yet that is not how he chose to answer my prayer much to my disappointment. Instead, it was just a very, very long journey of like gradually getting better every day and learning to trust God and learning to trust myself. I’m learning to trust that God has given me what I need to get through each day.

Through that process of learning to trust God, she has shared openly about working through anxiety and has written and recorded a lot of songs and albums that help connect others with God’s peace.

We talk about her beautiful lullaby albums and the impact music can have on people of all ages. As a mom of two girls, JJ writes music with moms in mind. Her new single Big Love, Small Moments serves as reminder that the small, unseen things we do with our kids can have the biggest impact on their lives.

I wanted to write a song just as a reminder that God sees the work that you’re doing and he is so delighted. I think that God delights in mothers and I think it brings him joy. You know, every time you feed your child or you play with them or you put them down for a nap time, that is worship and he is so pleased with you. That perspective helps me to have eyes to see the beauty around me and to find joy in the little moments.

What we chat about:

  • The big change in college that started JJ down the path to music
  • How JJ connects with listeners emotionally through her songs
  • A song she wrote about learning to trust God in the midst of suffering made it on a national TV show and on Christian radio
  • JJ’s journey with fear and anxiety and how God brought her healing
  • The importance of community and trusted friends when you need freedom from anxious thoughts
  • How motherhood has changed her career and calling
  • Her lullaby albums and why she’s so drawn to music for kids
  • Her song Big Love, Small Moments and how she wants moms to feel celebrated by God
  • It’s the small moments and the daily decisions that help us focus on turning up the warmth and grace in our families

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