To celebrate our 20-year wedding anniversary, Bruce and I are answering your questions! We have a fun time reminiscing on our wedding, the early years of parenting and all the twists and turns our lives have taken since we joined them together.

We talk about parenting styles, balancing our roles and how I learned not to micromanage him when it came to caring for our boys.

We’re different people. And most people aren’t marrying somebody who is identical to them. So there’s going to be natural differences in how you parent. I think that probably goes for every single person that’s listening to this. Embracing that early and giving each other space was critical.

As much as we enjoy looking back at our years before kids when we traveled a bunch, the fun concerts we went to, and friends we made, we wouldn’t change what we have now. Bruce makes a great point that if we stay focused on the past, we’ll miss the great things happening now.

If the time is spent trying to get back to something, a prior moment, you’re missing the current moment and future amazing moments. It’s easy to jump on the phone and get distracted when you’re with the kids and there’s all sorts of just day-to-day hectic stuff. But if you always have the view that more and more amazing things could happen and that the best is yet to come, it opens the door towards appreciation and cherishing your relationships now.

Stick around to the end of the episode to find out which one of us said, “I love you” first and my personal philosophy on procrastination. We share our ideas for a perfect weekend (they aren’t the same) and how Bruce plans a typical date night.

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What we chat about:

  • How Bruce and I met and a lil about our dating years
  • Fun memories from our wedding and our married years before kids
  • Why we chose to have four kids
  • Staying connected as a couple when you have small kids
  • Our Saturday morning connection tradition
  • The importance of getaways and dating your spouse and how to guard that time
  • How we balance parenting and household chores
  • When we pray together as a couple and with our boys
  • Driving time = Bible time in the mornings
  • Looking forward to better and better things in marriage and not dwelling on the past
  • Who said, “I love you” first and other fun questions in a rapid fire Newlywed game

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