Twelve years into her marriage, Taylor Bashta knew that something was wrong. Her husband who had always been a casual drinker had become more and more dependent on alcohol. She started Googling, “What is an alcoholic?” and wondered what she should do to intervene. 

Taylor bravely takes us into her story to share what she did next and how setting firm boundaries and seeking help took both her and her husband on a journey of healing. Now, one year later, she shares what’s made the biggest impact and what they are doing to continue their healing.

He is the only person in charge of his recovery. And I am the only person in charge of mine. We can not let each other effect that. I still live wondering what we’d do if he relapses. I think that’s one of the scariest parts of recovery. AA’s big slogan is ‘One Day at a Time.’ So that’s what we’re focused on. Just one day at a time.

Taylor talks about how we can support friends who may be going through this type of situation and how sharing openly can make all the difference.  

Hiding is what kills us inside. And our hiding is what invites that shame, guilt, and condemnation. When you put it out there, it’s gone. You’re putting away gossip, you’re putting away just the pressure. When you name it, it takes the power out of it.

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