Boys today are struggling more than ever with social anxiety.  

They feel hesitant, anxious, and struggle to take healthy risks. How do we know when to push them into uncomfortable places? Many boys are even struggling with life milestones like getting their driver’s license, asking a girl to the school dance, or applying to college. OCD and ADHD are on the rise and we want to understand when to step in and get them any help that is needed.  

My guest David Thomas, a licensed professional counselor, is back to bring wisdom, advice, and tools to navigate life with our boys. He tells us the top three reasons why these issues are on the rise. David helps us learn how to support, challenge, and help boys be more outward moving and have more purpose. He reminds us that our sons are first a child of God and we can anchor them in that truth as we parent and guide them through life. 

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