Do you feel like you are on the hamster wheel of expectations this culture throws at your teen? Do you feel the pressure and pull of having them in every sport, activity, and tutor to excel? Is church becoming a point of struggle every Sunday? 

Melissa Kruger joins me to talk about all things teen and how to raise them in this culture that is pointing to everything but Jesus.  Melissa is an author and Bible teacher who encourages women as they walk through life and motherhood. We talk about how to enjoy our teens instead of curating their lives and how to allow them space to fail. Melissa shares the three pillars that are the foundation of a home focused on Christ- God’s word, prayer, and the Church. We dive into each of these and how to practically walk them out in our homes and with our teens.

Melissa ultimately reminds us that as recipients of God’s unfailing grace, we get to share that identity with our kids as we guide them through these challenging years. 

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