Do you often feel like you are dropping all the spinning plates? That you can’t keep up or believe the lie that you are the worst mom and wife? Do you wonder why you are not further along, why does everyone else seem to have it together? 

Today Joanna Weaver- author, speaker, and podcaster- joins me to discuss her new book Embracing Trust. We also spent time talking about her classic Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World and how that message has stayed applicable through the years. We want to worship at the feet of Jesus like Mary but the Martha in us keeps bossing us around, telling us to work harder and strive more. Joanna reminds us that if we tend our connection with the Lord everything else flows out of that place. The tasks and needs do not disappear but the ability to tackle them with grace, tranquility, and truth increases as we spend time at the feet of Jesus.  

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