Do you feel like you are just existing with your family instead of being intentional? Are you finding it hard to consistently spend time with the Lord as a busy mom? Do you wonder how to train your kids in Godly principles and practices that last a lifetime? 

Today Jennifer Pepito- author, podcaster, and homeschool curriculum writer- joins me to talk about her new book Habits for a Sacred Home. She studied the ancient practices and habits of monks and Christian women who have gone before us to see how they lived and how we can use some of their tools in our homes. Through the Benedictine rule, she discovered nine principles that can guide our days: simplicity, stewardship, order, stability, hospitality, community, prayer, and work. Jennifer talks about what this looks like in the imperfect, busy, messy seasons that family life brings. Life does not need to be idyllic to have a sacred home.  The goal of these practices is not to have another burden or to-do list but to create space for the Holy Spirit to show up in our families and guide us as we walk through life together submitted to Him. 

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