Today kicks off our new sidetracked series with a surprise guest! Toni Collier- author, speaker, podcaster, and single mom- joins us to cover all the topics. Toni is the author of Broken Crayons Still Color and encourages people that even in the hard and dark parts of life God is waiting to use us. In our brokenness, we can see God in the land of the living. She reminds us that regardless of events in our past there is still hope and joy to be found. Toni discusses how we lose wonder and excitement as we become adults and how to remain like a child while we look for God in the everyday, He is always working if we have the eyes to see it. 

It wouldn’t be sidetracked though if we didn’t go on every tangent possible from tattoos with Ann Voskamp, to Toni’s dream concert, sushi, and the Ironman movies, we cover it all. 

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