Have you ever struggled with a repetitive sin that you can’t seem to break on your own? Do you swing from feelings of shame to justifying sin as no big deal? Do you understand the enemy’s tactics and how he preys on our weaknesses? 

Today Kirby Kelly- speaker, author, scholar, and Christian content creator- joins me to share her powerful and very vulnerable story. Kirby dealt with habitual sin for years until the Lord showed up in His grace and mercy to set her free. She shares how sanctification works in the life of believers and how the Christian community and other women standing beside her helped release her from shame and break off chains. 

Kirby also talks about green and red light zones which are boundaries that keep us free from sin and out of enemy territory. She discusses the difference between operating from a place of superhuman, subhuman, and simply human mindsets and how each of those affects our view of sin and ourselves.  Through vulnerability, boundaries, our identity in Christ, and understanding our enemy Kirby imparts truth and tools that are truly life-changing. 

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