Do you feel like since 2020 your family tech rules have gone out the window? How do you handle tech guidelines if both parents are not on the same page? Do you find it difficult to manage different ages and stages when it comes to screens? 

Andrea Davis, a mom of five with a degree in secondary education, is here to share a ton of wisdom and guidance on tech and screens for summer and beyond. We discuss the differences between kids earning screens, where often the screens become the entire focus of the long summer days and a family tech plan that creates more balance. Her plan for teens includes the three p’s; purpose, plan, and passion. These all create space for your child to get creative and work on skills in their free time. Also, check out her boredom busters in the show notes for the days when mom needs to work, the budget is tight, or the kids are done with all of their daily tasks. This episode is full of practical ideas but more importantly, Andrea reminds us that our kids want time with us and shaping their character and who God created them to be is more important than rules and regulations. 

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