Today’s podcast kicks off with a real-life example of how the enneagram can improve relationships and facilitate healthy conflict resolution. Heather sent our guest, Beth McCord, a less than friendly email recently and Beth responded with grace and understanding because she knows how to navigate our personalities, what a gift. 

Our guest Beth is a well-known speaker, author, teacher, enneagram coach, podcaster, and more. She has honed her skill of understanding personalities while helping people find freedom in Christ. 

We ask her the big question of how to approach the enneagram from a Biblical perspective when there are so many rumors swirling around that its roots are ungodly. At the end of the day, this is a tool to bring freedom to relationships and Beth reminds us the goal is to be a non-anxious connected presence to our kids. Her new book is about motherhood and how we approach our children and conflict based on our personalities and how to heal in unhealthy areas so we can be whole. Stick around to the end where she nails our enneagram types when it comes to mom life, work, and friendship. 

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