Do you notice our culture (especially online) is full of people who all think their opinion is correct and want to argue? Do you wish you had the tools to help your child think for themselves and have deep conversations?

Julie Bogart; author, podcaster, and creator of Brave Writers; is here to help us teach our kids how to have critical thinking skills and how to use those tools as parents. In a world full of people defending their views and trying to convince everyone around them that their way is the right way, Julie shows us how to have real conversations. Many of us grew up with authoritarian parents and have moved all the way over to the gentle parenting side but Julie explains how both are not the best way forward. 

She gives many ideas on how to approach conversations, especially with our teens, using imagination, curiosity, and empathy to understand them better.  She teaches us how to pay attention in uncomfortable conversations and how that is a critical thinking opportunity. This episode is full of wisdom and tons of ideas on how to teach our children to think well. From how little kids learn through play to how our big kids learn through reading and expanding their worldview. The goal is to have deep and meaningful relationships that go far beyond their years in our home and this episode equips us to build better conversations and relationships. 

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