**earbud alert–if you listen with little ones around may want to pop in the ole earbuds or be prepared to have lots of conversations 😉 ** 

We kick off today looking like we are going to two separate events, with one dressed up and one in athleisure. Are you team shorts or team dresses for summer? We give some summer updates including how to feed ALL of the teens that are home and my 1980’s drink that is keeping 4 boys hydrated. Social media has us convinced that everyone is traveling to Italy this summer, was there a BOGO deal we missed?

Recapping the last month  includes a funeral for our young friend Pike who lost his battle with leukemia and how powerfully his family honored him at the touching memorial.  I was reeling emotionally going from graduation to funeral to medieval times with sixth graders then wisdom tooth removal for my college-bound son.  Join us today as we get sidetracked and share the hard and joyful parts of summer 2024. 

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