Do you believe this statement: “good art communicates truth”?

 “The reason why great art keeps on compelling attention age after age is that it signifies something of truth.” (Gaebelien)

 Have you interacted with good art lately? Has it communicated truth to you?

 A few weeks ago my husband and I went and saw the musical “Billy Elliot”. Despite the crude language, it was awe-inspiring. Seeing a little boy dance with that level of skill and passion was breath-taking and spectacular. As a mother, my first thought was I am not supporting my children enough to become who God made them to be. There was so much more that struck me…

 My list of 10 truths communicated in the musical “Billy Elliot”:

 1)      Life is difficult. People lose jobs. Loved ones die.

2)      We have a choice on how we respond to tragedy in our lives.

3)      Don’t keep doing something you don’t enjoy.

4)      True joy comes through being who God made you to be.

5)      Don’t let social rules dictate what you do. There will always be critics.

6)      Having one person who believes in you makes a world of difference.

7)      You can be that one person who inspires someone else.

8)      The reaction we have to being told we can’t do something tells us how much we really want it.

9)  Humility is required to admit we are wrong and change course.

 10)  Community is essential to survival and elevating one out of the pit.

(Again thank you to Jonathan Deatherage and Ryan Smothers for the inspiration for this post. Their course, “Engaging the Culture”, came from the work of Timothy Ralston at Dallas Theological Seminary.)