The reason I have been “out-of-pocket” a little this week, is that we are enjoying a wonderful family vacation in Costa Rica. My parents have moved overseas and are spending the summer renting in Costa Rica…meaning we have a place to stay and help with the boys (2 favorites right there!). 

Here are my Costa Rican Favorites:

1. Traveling with Older Boys

It was nice this time to travel with boys who can not only carry their own backpacks but also help move luggage from the curb to baggage claim. Bringing: 3 roller suitcases, 2 car seat bags, a stroller and 4 carry-ons…requires all hands on deck. Our oldest pulled one of the roller bags. Our middle pushed the youngest in the stroller and my hubby and I each got a roller bag and car seat. perfection!

2. Wildlife for boys to enjoy

these iguanas were everywhere around my parents home


brave boy holding a toucan

saw this monkey while swimming at the pool

middle son discovered a poisonous tree frog

 3. Tico Time

We quickly learned from my parents that Costa Ricans (aka “Ticos”) operate at a slower pace than Americans. Our first morning here we went to the church my parents have been attending. It’s supposed to begin at 10:15 am…it actually started around 10:40 am. Another example is when we were going to go watch fireworks at a local American hotel. They were supposed to begin at 8 pm…they actually started around 8:45 pm.  Bruce and I kept asking each other what time it was b/c neither of us brought watches. We tried using our iPhones but we kept being confused on whether they were showing Dallas or Costa Rican time zones. Given our crazy pace of life in Dallas it’s been one of my favorites to be flexible, relaxed and have no clue what time it actually was.

4. New Experiences for the boys:

attending spanish/english church at a soccer stadium


swinging while eating a taco bar

learning new geography with this wooden costa rica puzzle

drinking coconut water purchased from a local tico


watching surfers on hermosa beach


putting nutella on everything...even bacon!


 5. An Innovative HuSband

Another favorite this week is how amazingly well Bruce can entertain the boys and completely transform their moods from whiny to happy. In the pool if they began to fight with each other, he would step in and introduce a new game. When we were walking through the rainforest and it was humid and they were hungry, he would convince them to pretend they were spies sneaking through the jungle.  His joy and creativity is essential to making life with three young boys enjoyable. 


can u see the spies?


 6. God’s Creativity

Being away from the concrete jungle of DFW and being immersed in a rich, vibrant rain forest, allowed me to really stop and absorb God’s creativity. These are some of my favorites.


love the one white flower sticking out from the pink



have you ever seen a flat palm?


7. My parents

I mentioned them in my first paragraph, but I wanted to save the best for last. I am so appreciative and thankful for them opening their home for us to stay in, for my mom cooking breakfast and lunch for the boys each day, my mom doing our laundry and folding it, my parents taking care of the boys for 2 days so bruce and I could go to a nearby resort, and the love they share for us and each other.

living the pura vida

enjoying yummy mango before their homemade pancakes


visiting us at the resort pool

8. remembering that we really like each other

With 3 young kids it is hard to make time to get away and spend time together. Bruce and I have always tried to go off on vacation once a year just the two of us. Having two days to be together here in Costa Rica has been wonderful. Time to have a real conversation over dinner. Time to sleep. Time to read books and discuss more than our children. Time to dream about the future.

This was a big week of spectacular favorites for me…but God gives us wonderful gifts of grace even in the mundane tasks of laundry and cooking…what were some of your favorites this week?