There is a wise woman. mother to six. farmer’s wife. word artist. God worshiper. Ann Voskamp.

After reading her book, “one thousand gifts” I was mesmerized by her honesty about parenting and yet the joy she had found in each moment of mothering.  I was given new eyes for the average in my day. given a new purpose in my response to my children’s arguments. given a way to praise God, declare Him good, even when tragedy strikes.

Ann also writes an amazing blog called “A Holy Experience“. I’ve gleaned  wonderful wisdom from her blog, such as (click on the underline phrases to read each post):

  • the best dessert, where she describes her family’s habit of reading God’s word (daily bread) after meals before pushing away from the table. “Eating Scripture three times a day, it’s the one spiritual habit that has most changed us — because a body, famished, needs to eat and there’s only one way to eat life.”
  • love is patient, a reminder that when life is chaotic to choose patience…”Patient people dare to gratefully accept people where they are… Lack gratitude — then lack patience — then, ultimately, lack love. To be love-full, I’ll first need to be grateful.” My favorite line in this post: “Love is what stabilizes chaos”.
  • a parenting manifesto of joy . Ann’s 10 points of joyful parenting has been on my fridge (she has a printable version available) and in my head ever since I read it. There a certain points that have left an indelible mark on my mothering. I would post all 10 points here but they are copyrighted so you will have to read them for yourself.   Point #3 really struck me since I seem to frequently be in a hurry. Point #7 goes against instinct but so true…when my child is most frustrating he needs me the most. Point #8 has changed my day…I hug my children (particularly my older children) more deliberately. check them out…you won’t regret it.

What wisdom have you gained from Ann?