*I realized that this Few Favorites Friday post tradition has turned into my weekly expression of my “1000 gifts” (Ann Voskamp). I hope that you can look back on your week and thank Him for His daily gifts of grace!

1. Sweet Milestones

The biggest and most favorite event of this week was my eldest son starting Kindergarten.  He only attends two days a week. But I was still emotional thinking of how much he has grown over the past 6 years. He was a challenging infant, toddler and even preschooler. He has grown into a sweet, witty, fun boy! (Thank you to those of you that gave me great ideas for back-to-school traditions!).

2. Delicious After-school treat

I felt like I should have some yummy treat to share after the big “first day of kindergarten”. I immediately thought of one of my favorites…Peanut Butter cookies with Hershey kisses. Yum-O! Love sitting at the kitchen table chatting about the day and eating delicious warm cookies.

These don’t take a lot of time…particularly if you buy the “box” version of the PB cookies. While cookies are in the oven unwrap the kisses so you are ready when you pull them out of the oven. enjoy!

3. Rain & rain boots

Two times this week we had a little sprinkling of rain in the morning! It was wonderful. One of the days the boys put on their rain boots and ran around in the rain. My favorite part was seeing my toddler with his chunky little legs trying to manuever in this unfamiliar footwear. If you don’t have rain boots for your kiddos…get some! totally worth the few dollars (got mine at a consignment sale, also seen them at target).

4. Celebrity Cafe…outside!!

Due to the morning rain and a wonderful breeze, the ridiculous 100+ degree weather subsided so that we could go to the park one morning with my parents (who were in town for the week). Then we were able to enjoy lunch outside at my favorite Dallas lunch place…Celebrity Cafe.

I love their Cranberry Chicken Salad and delicious flavored iced tea selection. mmmm… (remember i’m pregnant, I get excited about food. =). They also have fun baked goods. If you want a fun treat for your kids when you pick them up from school, swing by Celebrity Cafe for a fun cookie (and a cake ball for yourself).

5. Kitchen sink play

This week I remembered a great way to keep the boys entertained while I cook dinner. Typically the boys go off and play well by themselves. Lately my youngest has been wanting me to hold him…while I cook! tricky. So on this night I set him up with the learning tower in front of our kitchen sink with a bowl full of soapy water, a sponge and a couple cups. I explained where to keep the water and if it went on the floor…no more water. Within 15 minutes all 3 boys were squeezed on the learning tower playing! Awesomeness.

6. Mirror writing

Another favorite from this week was a way I like to keep the boys “occupied” while I’m getting ready in the bathroom. I have a couple wipe-off board markers and an eraser in our bathroom. I just sit them up on the counter (only do this for the older boys, due to falling risk) and let them draw on the mirror.  Check out that concentration!

7. Picnik photo watermarking

Have you noticed the fun “God Centered Mom” watermarks on my pics this post? I did it on www.picnik.com .  I just learned how to do this easily and for free! Thanks Stephanie (www.UPliftingwordsonline.com)!

8. Guest Post at “Do Not Depart”

This week I was contacted by Katie Orr to guest post on her blog, “Do Not Depart” (www.donotdepart.com ). Her blog is a great resource and source of encouragement for abiding in God’s Word.  She recently produced a Philippians Bible study for us to use during our Summer “Hellomornings” Challenge with www.inspiredtoaction.com . Great stuff!

Check out my post here: http://donotdepart.com/dwelling-of-the-lord-guest-post 

What were some of your favorites this week?