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1. Watercolors

I am so thankful for my oldest son who engages his brothers in activities. He should become a cruise director some day. He’s that good. This week he decided he wanted to paint. 

Out came the paints, brushes, cups of water and coloring pages. It was a great way to spend a bit of the afternoon and they were so proud of their masterpieces.

2. Grandparents

My parents were in town for a long weekend (for the Josh McDowell 50th Anniversary Celebration). We were able to take them to the amazing pumpkin patch at the Dallas Arboretum. The boys loved spending time with them and all the extra attention. I’m thankful for the extra help (my mom folded the boys’ laundry for me…huge deal!). Since my parents don’t live nearby we appreciate the time they are in town even more. Took this cute pic of them…

3. Veggie Tale inspired pumpkins

At the arboretum the boys each chose a pumpkin to carve. My oldest son had a vision for a unique gourd he discovered. Unfortunately we discovered the specialty pumpkins were not for sale.

Later that weekend we had a yummy lunch at Central Market Cafe and found a replacement gourd for his vision. While we were checking out the lady commented on how “weird” his pumpkin was. I told her it was chosen. It was special and was exactly what we wanted (there is a spiritual lesson right there..).

His vision? A veggie tale “pumpkin”…pretty awesome, huh?

He decided my 2nd son would make a bob the tomato pumpkin…

I don’t have a pic of the finished product because this guy wouldn’t get within 2 feet of the pumpkin once I cut into it…

Pumpkin carving is pretty stinky…and its really just me cutting and scooping. But it’s a tradition I’m not willing to give up just yet.

4. Re-visiting Halloween past

One night this week the boys (and Bruce) pulled out some of the costumes from years before…hilarious.

Just in case you are concerned about the fact that we participate in Halloween activities…I feel that this writer perfectly sums up our feelings on the issue: http://joyinthisjourney.com/2011/10/trick-or-treat-how-christians-should-celebrate-halloween/

5. Digging in dirt

I have 3 boys. I’m pregnant with a 4th. I don’t like messes. hmmmm…

But this week I embraced the messy and gave the boys shovels and buckets to dig up worms after a thunderstom. I loved seeing them outside, working together, making discoveries.

Of course I have boundaries. No bugs/worms/sticks inside. When they are done I immediately ushered them into the bathroom and began scrubbing their hands, complete with a nail scrub brush (I’m a work in progress).

6. Blankie (all-time favorite)

When my parents were in town they asked me why I’ve never included my blankie into my favorites post. I guess because I view this post as a list of things I’m grateful for from the previous week. If I was to create an “all-time favorite” list my blankie would be #1.

Don’t you love the retro colors? My mom’s hairdresser crocheted this blanket and gave it to her at my baby shower.  Everyone thought that once I got married I would get rid of this blanket. Seriously? I’ve been “together” with this blanket longer than I’ve dated my husband. It’s traveled with me to Africa, Hawaii, Europe, South America. “Priceless” is embroidered on one corner…which perfectly describes its importance.

7. Resolved2worship

This week a friend told me about the blog, “Resolved 2 Worship” and it’s amazing. The author is a mother of 8 beautiful children. I love her perspective. She’s not trying to gain more readers. She doesn’t write to get comments. She doesn’t advertise. She just takes awesome photos and writes thoughtful and poignant posts.

If you are a mom who has ever felt overwhelmed by all those in your life depending on you, check out this post, “He is when I cannot”.  http://resolved2worship.xanga.com/755634916/he-is-when-i-cannot/

What were some of your favorite moments or things from this past week?

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