Books read & each boy is in a different room for sleep or quiet.

I walk out of one room that looks like this…

Before I head downstairs I see this…

When I get downstairs I’m greeted by this…

As I walk into the kitchen one more duty presents itself…

The weight of duties feels heavy. Then I remember…there are always going to be rooms to clean, toys on the ground, laundry to fold, dishes to put away.

But quiet, uninterrupted quiet, in the middle of the day. This is a treasure.

My friend advised me a few years ago to not waste this treasure to clean what will be destroyed when the boys emerge. She spoke life words…do something you love.

Remember what you love & feed your soul.

Writing, reading, sleeping, crafting, sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, baking…

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These are things that don’t demand your attention.

We must chose them. Set aside duties for a moment. Choose to feed your soul.

Then when the boys awaken I will feel full and be ready to empty. I will have remembered my passions and a piece of who I was before kids. I will feel alive instead of a domestic robot. I will be free to love because I took time to do what I love.

What feeds your soul? Do you stop some days and do those things or do duties come first? If you don’t stay home full time, do you find time at night or on weekends to do something you love?

For those of you that can’t stop & relax when there is chaos…find a room that is not a mess or go outside. Then when your children awaken have them help you clean up the playroom, put away the dishes, even fold laundry! It’s good for them & good for you!

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