1. Picnics

With the much cooler weather we have been enjoying going to the park and that typically includes bringing a picnic lunch. This week we met friends. It was so sweet to see 6 little boys sitting on a picnic blanket sharing food and conversation.

What I typically pack for lunch for my 3 boys and myself: 4 sandwiches (usu. PB&J) in a large Tupperware container; a bag of chips; either a Ziploc with grapes or some peaches/apples; 3 juice boxes & a Diet Dr. Pepper for me; plastic plates; paper towels; a blanket.

This past week we also had a surprise nighttime picnic when Bruce’s car got a flat tire and he had to pull over in a random medical clinic parking lot. While he waited for the tow truck, we picked up Panera and brought it over to him and ate in the dusk on the grass of the parking lot. (of course the second we got all the food set up the tow truck showed up…so it was a quick picnic).

2. Block of ice snack

After watching a Sid the Science Kid episode on “reversible change” the boys decided they wanted to freeze some fruit and water. I was pleasantly surprised how engaged all three boys were in this activity.

They kept checking the freezer that day to see if the water was frozen yet. Finally that afternoon we checked and it was frozen! We popped the block of ice out of the Tupperware onto a jelly roll pan.

We pulled out a bunch of “tools” from my kitchen for them to break out the peaches for a nice cool snack. We soon took the tray outside as the ice began to fly…

3. Twitter

With all the changes going on with Facebook, I am finding myself checking Facebook less & less. Instead I find myself on Twitter more and more. Here is my simple guide to Twitter (once you set up a free account):

  • Choose who you would like to “follow” by searching for friends or looking at the people a like-minded person follows
  • Make sure you have a thorough profile summary…those you follow will only accept you if they see you aren’t a “spammer” (learned that the hard way…thanks @mommakristi).
  • “@” is used before the person’s account name. This notifies them that you are mentioning them in a tweet.
  • “#” designates a topic stream that your tweet will be organized under. People can search topics and what people are saying about the #worldseries…for example.
  • You can Direct Message (DM) people you follow who also follow you…it’s a private message that no one else can see.

Reasons I love twitter:

  • Interact with like-minded people
  • Accountability for waking up to my children and spending time with God (#hellomornings stream)
  • Engaging conversation about God’s word (#abidingfruit stream)–check out this post: http://donotdepart.com/abiding-fruit-twitter-style-2
  • Chance to connect with someone who sold me her #Relevant11 conference ticket
  • Met a kindred spirit who is now in Bible study with me and my roommate for Relevant (@stefanieybrown)
  • Great links to blog posts I may not have known about.
  • You can tweet pics from instagram or twitpic

If all the above is gibberish to you, check it out and give it a try for awhile (to accumulate followers, etc) and you will be hooked as well. I’d love to chat with you there… my personal twitter account is: @hmacmomma and my blog account is: @GodCenteredMom

4. Father/Son Campout

This past weekend my oldest son went on his first real camping trip with my husband. It was an Indian guide trip with all the boys in his grade and their dads. They had such a great time. Hamburgers, s’mores, sleeping on the hard ground in a tent, ropes course, climbing wall, fishing, exploring.

Loved the confidence it gave my oldest son. He was able to run around and be a boy. He attempted to climb this wall the first day and was unsuccessful…but he went for it again the second day and made it to the top to ring the bell!!

5. Joshua Dickinson Design

Very thankful for Joshua Dickinson and his wonderful photography and design. He helped me this week design the header for this blog and my business card for Relevant. He is wonderful to work with, a big picture thinker, great communicator, gifted artistic eye, patient spirit, fellow Believer and Taylor University Alum. Send me an email or comment below and I’ll send you his info.  Thanks Josh!

 How has God blessed you this past week? What have been some of your favorites (experiences, food, activities, etc)?

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