Have I told you that my dad thinks you’re great?

Um, that’s nice Heather.

What if I told you that my dad is a wonderful man of godly character & he thinks you are great?

Thank you for the compliment.

What if I told you my dad was the Mayor of Dallas & he thinks you are great?

Wow, I’m honored.

What if I told you he started a business, sold it for 5 million dollars, lives in a mansion** & he thinks you are great?

Can I come over for dinner?

What if I told you that he was actually Harrison Ford, the actor, & he thinks you’re great?

WHAT? seriously? um, awesome!

What if I told you that my Dad created the universe, knows everything, is beyond time, all-powerful, & He not only thinks you are great but He wants to be a part of your life every day !

ohhhhh okay. You had me going there.

Why does earthly power, wealth, & fame impress us and cause us to seek the attention of those who have it?

Yet when the One who made us, holds our future & put the earth in motion longs to have an intimate, personal relationship with us & we push Him off for “more important” things?

For example, if Harrison Ford’s assistant called to set up a lunch date between you and he, wouldn’t you make sure you were there on time, dressed adorably, with perfect hair & make-up?

Why do we claim we are “too busy” to make time in our day to sit down in silence & say “Here I am Lord, your servant is listening”?

Why don’t make time to read the love letters this Famous One has written to us?

Why don’t call on Him, the all-knowing, Giver of lasting peace, when we have something causing us anxiety and worry?

Will you esteem Him as the famous, powerful & loving one? Will you clamor after Him like you would other rich, powerful and famous people?

My Dad thinks you’re great. He wants to know YOU. There are things He wants you to know…

**If you want to know more about what my Dad thinks about you, check out the 31 days series by Stacey (mom of 4 girls!) called “31 days of What God Wants You to Know”.