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Have you ever heard of the author Lynn Vincent?

Have you ever read any of her New York Times Bestsellers: “Going Rouge (Sarah Palin’s biography)”, “Same Kind of Different as Me” or “Heaven is for Real”?

Lynn is a ghost writer. She has spent thousands of hours listening to others’ true stories. In order to write these gripping non-fiction narratives she listens not only to content but to emotion. A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to hear her share the 10 observations she made about sharing a story and listening:

1. Stories have POWER…breaking down barriers of bias & cynicism.

2. God used story to communicate with mankind:

  • Only 10% of the Bible is Christians directly telling Christians what to do.
  • Small % of the Bible is from Christians to non-believers
  • 85% of the Bible is God using story to communicate truth

3. Your story is your story…no one can argue with your story.

4. Stories allow you to connect in a physical way with another individual.

  • Stimulates the senses.
  • Functional MRIs have shown the same areas of the brain trigger for the story-teller and listener.

“We are a letter of Christ written on tablets of human hearts” Lynn Vincent

5. Listen beyond the words…listen to the rhythm, cadence.

6. Listen without judging. Listen to how they feel.

7. Honor with listening.

  • Regard others with respect & admiration
  • Listening confirms the truth of someone.

8. Take the time to listen.

  • God foreknew where you would be in that moment.
  • Do not miss divine appointments by rushing off.

9. Listening liberates.

  • Set something free.
  • Heal wounds.
  • Wash away shame.

10. Listening communicates to another: “I see you. You matter.”

With Thanksgiving this week, you will most likely be spending time with family. Who can you honor by listening? Who will share their story with you? Will you take the chance to communicate “I see you. You matter”?